Tastiest Pizza & Rice Bowl Malang ReviewTastiest Pizza & Rice Bowl: Where Italian-inspired Menu Meets Wagyu

Malang has dozens of choices when it comes to eatery. One of the most favorite menu is Western dishes and now we can enjoy it at various price range. Tastiest Pizza & Rice Bowl is now coming to town with more affordable price for a selection of Western food and fusion food. Tastiest Pizza offers fancy Italian taste with slightly lower price, they claim it, than the famous American pizza chain that has been in town for decades. So, what makes this place special? Looking at the menu, they mostly sell Italian-inspired menu which are pizza and pasta, plus rice bowl and Wagyu menu. The serves both dessert pizzas such as Malang Apple Pizza, Caramel Candy Melt, and Mellow Strawberry ranging from IDR35k to IDR40k, and classic pizza such as Teriyaki Chicken Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, and Beef Sausages Pizza. Their rice bowls come with various toppings: Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl, Chicken Lemon Butter Sauce, Chicken Wings, Beef Sausages Rice Bowl, Beef Pepperoni Rice Bowl, Salmon Teriyaki. They also serve big portion of various pasta which are a must try when you come in group.

Tastiest Pizza & Rice Bowl Malang Review
Volcano Pizza

What about their signature dishes? If you love to see fire brought on your table, then Bromo Volcano Pizza is the one for you! This dome-shaped pizza is claimed as their signature dish. The pizza is cooked in wood fire oven that adds natural flavor. When the pizza arrived on your tables, the waiter pours some alcohol to ignite more fires on the top of the dome. It becomes an exciting attraction that might fit on your Instagram feed. Moreover, their Wagyu menu will make you drool. For only IDR 100K you can enjoy their Wagyu Steak that will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

Tastiest Pizza & Rice Bowl Malang Review
Wagyu Steak

They open two outlets at Jalan Terusan Borobudur 88C and Jalan Bondowoso 35D, both open in a ruko, which you’ll find it hard to park your car. Claiming the place is available for communal space for meetings and gathering, the place is rather small than any communal space. To date, they’ve got five google reviews when you search it. Some say they are okay with the place but the food is a little bit pricey compared to other place that also offers pizza. If you’re okay with vibrant modernish place that serves big portion food, this place is where you should go. Taste wise, keep an eye on the Wagyu menu. They serve proper wagyu, though it’s a wise choice to purchase their pasta and pizza for sharing it with two or more people. Value wise, go for their wagyu or else you will taste just ordinary. Rather than opening two outlets at the same time, their concept would go better in one big outlet. Otherwise, if this place offers wider space, we would go for a second round. For wagyu, of course!

Tastiest Pizza & Rice Bowl Malang ReviewWriter: Munji/Photographer: Hanif Ardhika


Location: Jl. Bondowoso 35D / Jl. Terusan Borobudur 88C  Malang

Reservation: 0812 7380 990

Instagram : @tastiest_pizza