Anomalyst Launch Debut Album "Segara"Anomalyst Launch Debut Album “Segara” and Announce Concert!

After double single release last month, alternative rock group from Jakarta, Anomalyst finally debuted with their full lenght album “Segara” on October 1st. Prior to the release, the band gave a taste of their music through “Senyawa” and “Losing Game”. Christianto Ario Wibowo (guitarist/vocalist), Aryo Respati Xavier (guitarist/vocalist), Farizky Wijanarko (drum) and Rigaskara (bass) released their album on digital platform (iTunes) for the mean time. Worry not, the physical release for “Segara” album will be available to obtain if you purchase a ticket to their concert. Yes, the band also use the opportunity of their album release to announce their upcoming solo concert on 28 October 2017. Taking place at IFI Thamrin Jakarta, the quartet will perform in a sextet format and sing the entire album. It consists of nine tracks which were produced in the course of two years. The result of their hard work was co-produced by their own vocalist Christianto Ario Wibowo who has involved in the making of album “Sinestesia” by Efek Rumah Kaca and Axis Mundi by Polka Wars. He worked together with Dimas Martokoesoemo to create the album which was recorded at ALS Studio in South Tangerang.

Wendi Arintyo took part as the sound engineer for this album, while the design of the album artwork was created by Adrianus Aristyo Haryo. Furthermore, the ticket for their concert is sold for IDR100,000 which comes with a CD of “Segara”. The opening act for this concert will be folk singer, Oscar Lolang. Claim your spot to the concert, by filling out the order form . The album was produced under Senyawa Records. Anomalyst used to open the solo concert of Scaller when they launched their album “Senses”. Since then, the band have piqued the interest of music enthusiasts and they even earned a spot on Sounds From The Corner live session. Here is the tracklist of “Segara” album by Anomalyst and listen to their previous two singles.

“Segara” Tracklist

  1. Absence of the Light
  2. Labyrinth
  3. Senyawa
  4. Menit
  5. Losing Game
  6. Plastic
  7. Korosif
  8. Core
  9. Segara