The Rentones Release "Blown & Injected"Introducing The Rentones, An Instrumental Surf-Hot Rod Group Who Release Single “Blown & Injected”

The Rentones are a newly established group who proclaim their music as an instrumental surf-hot rod. Hailing from the rainy city, Bogor, the band has revealed their first single called “Blown & Injected”. Founded in 2015 by Aldino Anatusa (bass) dan Umar Bawahab (guitar), we are delighted with reverb heaven once the song starts. On “Blown & Injected” which is also the name of their upcoming EP, we got to see that The Rentones take a different route than the usual surf rock group. Instead of choosing tropical, beach theme, the band were inspired by drag race and it is clearly shown on the first single. Without any lyrics, the listeners could enjoy the reverb heavy lead guitar and bass thump that plays dynamically throughout the song. This is a nice change from the usual surf group pattern and there is also a video for the single that has been uploaded on Youtube. The song is available to be downloaded for free on The Rentones’ Soundcloud account.

Their debut album took two years in the making and all of the materials were recorded at Fake Hero Studio Bogor. The four tracks in this album all have racing theme to match with the concept of their album. They said that their music is inspired by surf music in the 60’s which displayed the trend back then, surf and race. We can say that their song’s vibe sounds like what Dick Dale did back then. The surf guitarist was mostly known after his track “Miserlou” was sampled by hiphop group, Black Eyed Peas. The tracks in this album are “Blown & Injected”, “Draguar”, “1/8 Mile”, and “Sneezed The Blower”. They said that the songs are not only comprised of fast-paced tracks, but also slow one as shown by “1/8 Mile”. The debut album in the form of cassette tape is slated to be released this mid-October, so you’d better get to know them beforehand. Peek the music video for “Blown & Injected” below and get ready to race.