Lazada Online Revolution 12.12
Lazada team
Lazada Prepare Strategy to Welcome National Online Shopping Day 12.12!

On 27 September 2017 at Ciputra Artpreneur 11th Floor, Lazada held a press conference for their exciting program to come. After introducing Hari Belanja Online Kota (Harbolta) last week, this #1 e-commerce site from Indonesia officially announced the strategy called “Online Revolution” that they have prepared and their thorough planning to welcome Harbolnas or National Online Shopping Day in the coming December 12th. Lazada Indonesia CEO, Florian Holm mentioned that 12.12 has become the biggest online shopping event in Indonesia since it was initiated in 2012. This year will mark the five year journey for such event, and Lazada do not want to miss the opportunity to cater to their loyal customers and welcome the new ones with their strategy that is unfolded during an event last Wednesday. A series of events will be held prior to the big event and the events are based on three pillars, which are Seller-centric, Customer-centric, and technology driven.

Lazada Online Revolution 12.12

These three principles will create a harmony between three main elements of e-commerce. Lazada have introduced various innovations in its technology to provide the demands and needs from its sellers and customers. It is hoped that the preparation leading to the big event will lead to a seamless transaction in the day that most people will access the site. In between the presentation by Lazada, there was also a performance from GAC to entertain the guests and city leaders later that night. Lazada invited 6 City Leaders to share their experience as well as tips and tricks to do a smart online shopping strategy on 12.12. The preparation towards the day will kick off from November 11th (11.11) up to 12.12. Jenny, as the City Leaders from Medan shared her tips for seller, “Do not forget to get your duck-tape ready, have enough preparation, enough sleep to welcome 12.12.”  The strategy was done by the e-commerce site to embrace more sellers who would like to make use of this National Online Shopping Day when the transaction is at its highest level.

Writer: Narisha Zulkarnain