The Big Sick posterLearn About Diversity and Inspiring Story from the Funny “The Big Sick”

Are you currently dating someone with an entirely different background than yours? Different religion? Different race? Or even different culture? Then you must watch this movie called “The Big Sick”. The movie tells a true story based on Kumail Nanjiani’s personal experience. He is a comedian of Pakistan descent who has a wife of a different background named Emily V. Gordon. The romantic comedy movie starts off when Kumail who plays as himself had to find a living as a stand up comedian and an UBER driver at the same time. He met Emily Gardner (they change the family name for entertainment purpose) who is played by Zoe Kazan in one of his stand-up comedy gig, afterwards their relationship is getting more serious. The first obstacle came when Kumail who has a strict family background, had set him up with someone else in a traditional Islamic arranged marriage. Another one came when Emily suddenly got into a comatose, testing the couple’s bond. Setback after setback keep coming and these two should prove that their love could beat all odds. Kumail presents a fresh comedy with his lines, dialogues, and scenes. He managed to insert all this comedic atmosphere into his real-life story without trying too hard.

The Big Sick - Kumail & EmilyWe got to see his real-life relationship as well when the real wedding picture of him and his wife was shown towards the end. Despite all these difficulties, and seemingly impossible scenario that they will make it, “The Big Sick” once again relives the hopes of couple with this back story. In 119 minutes, other than love, we also got to see how to show respect to other people with different religion, custom, culture, race or view than us. It also inserted satirical jokes in it, which makes the movie more awesome. This movie is also one of the most critically acclaimed movie in 2017, with the revenue 10 times higher than its initial budget. An inspiring, witty, and clever romantic comedy movie that you should watch, considering the poor tolerance level in Indonesia today.