Glasstrick Gejolak AlbumSemarang’s Rock Unit, Glasstrick Release “Gejolak” Album

Taking one year to produce, Semarang’s rock unit Glasstrick finally revealed their new album “Gejolak” on 8 September 2017. The album is filled with ten songs which was released under Hoim 32 Records, an independent record label created by the band in collaboration with Rubber Heat. Bima Bom, An Sidik, Abdulrozzaq Rusly, and Gawank Kusumo explained that this album is based on the current social phenomena. It talks about youth friendship, romance and lifestyle in the era of digitalization. The immense use of social media among our youth also becomes the concern for some songs in this album. In “Krisis Media Sosial Remaja”, which has been released as a single before is one of the example for this case. That being said, all the lyrics were created by Bima Bom and all the songs were made by the band. They recorded the album at Strato Studio with the help of Pepen who mixed and mastered it at Kayken Studio later.

The band who was formed in 2013 have embarked on a tour since 9 September 2017 to promote the album alongside fellow band from Semarang, Rubber Heat. They plan to visit Bandung, Jakarta, Malang, Yogyakarta, Solo, and Semarang during the tour titled “SANSTOURDAY 2017”. Glasstricks also have released a music video for “Krisis Media Sosial Remaja” before the album. It includes the scene of people interacting, arguing, showing off on social media over a hard banging rock tunes in the background. You can watch the seizure-inducing video on their Youtube here, beware for those who are photo sensitive. Damn it hurts our eyes. Glasstrick do not specify where you can get this album, but I guess you just have to go to their gig along the tour to find out. Get the latest update by following their Instagram account here.