Nomadic Traveler Exhibition Report
Julia Sarisetiati “Indo-K Work”
Experience Human’s Journey with Nomadic Traveler Exhibition

Human has traveled since a long time ago and the first record of their mass travel has been recorded since early of our age. The motives may vary, whether it is in search of mate, food, or shelter. In the modern era, economical reason might prompt humans to move from time to time and it is what “Nomadic Traveler” exhibition aims to show in their exhibition last week. During Korea Festival 2017 which is happening for a month in Jakarta, not only Korea Indonesia Film Festival 2017 which is held, but also a series of exhibitions and one of them happened at Edwin’s Gallery from 7 – 17 September 2017. For the 5th installment of Korea-Indonesia exhibition with the title “Nomadic Traveler”, it presented human’s journey through a series of artworks from Indonesia and South Korean artists. There were displayed artworks from F.X. Harsono, Moon Hyungmin, Venzha Christ, Lee Wan, Lee Hansu, Julia Sarisetiati, Zico Albaiquini and Lee Sang Hyun.

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Curated by Jeong-ok Jeon and Evelyn Huang, they offered various programs like gallery tour, public lecturer & kids workshop. The artworks include installation with various materials like wood, paper, and sand, as well as paintings, text, photography, video and animation. The work of Julia Sarisetiati called “Indo-K Work” showcased a video and photographs of Indonesian workers at a factory in Korea. It was shown that the workers migrate there and created a whole new culture in which they learn a series of Korean vocabularies that were used in their daily lives. These words were not even mentioned or taught during their training period.  While Moon Hyungmin, took his personal experience as a traveler on his artwork. Spending most of his 20s abroad, making his return to Korea felt strange although once upon a time, the culture was familiar to him. He presented Korean icons and images, which were then reinterpreted through the lens of Indonesian wood sculptors. Other artworks’ on Nomadic Traveler explore the notion of traveling and migration in various themes, interpretation, and medium but with the same spectrum of theme.

Reporter: Bonifasius Eiji/Editor: Novita Widia