Mantra Vutura Set To Relase Solar Labyrinth EP
Zaki (left) and Tristan (right)
Electronic Duo, Mantra Vutura Set To Launch Debut EP “Solar Labyrinth”

Leading electronic record label, Double Deer Records, could add a new name to their incredible set of roster, and the new kids on the block are Mantra Vutura. The group are made up of two childhood best friends, Zaki and Tristan who have the same passion in electronic music. Coming from families with strong musical background, they create Mantra Vutura which combines two words “Mantra” and “Vutura”. “Mantra” or spells describes the native side they adapt from traditional cultures such as traditional chanting and percussion play, while “Vutura”, derived from the word future, representing the futuristic side they bring with electronic music play. The name also becomes the perfect symbolization of their musical traits. Zaki, who represent Indonesia on Child Aid Singapore 2011 and  a protégé of Adjie Rao represent the “Mantra” or the traditional aspect with his excellence in percussion. Tristan, the son of Indonesian maestro Addie MS and a student of Adelaide Simbolo represent the “Vutura” aspect with his keyboard. Todd Terje, Lindstrom, and KimoKal are cited as their musical influences.

Mantra Vutura Set To Relase Solar Labyrinth EPToday, on 22 September 2017, taking place at Queenshead Kemang starting from 9 PM, the duo will release their debut EP called “Solar Labyrinth”. It contains five tracks which chronicle their journey as musician. Later on the EP will be released digitally and you can already pre-order the album through iTunes. For a taste of their music, you could listen to the lead single “Un Deux Trois” which they have performed on Double Deer Alumni Session months ago. It is pulsating, combines a little bit of disco, deep house, lots of synths and percussion. It will be able to grab you by the ears and you’ll find yourself submerge in their rich sounding electronic music. They describe their music as house, but they took it on a literal level which means their music has many rooms. The release event is open for public and free of charge, there, you will be delighted by not only Mantra Vutura, but also DJ sets from Artificial, Anja, and Harvy. Here is the complete tracklist of their new EP and listen to the lead single below.

Mantra Vutura Set To Relase Solar Labyrinth EP“Solar Labyrinth” Tracklist

1. Un Deux Trois

2. The Dance of Life

3. The Gravitation

4. The Creation, Pt.1

5. The Creation, Pt.2