Melancholic Bitch Konser NKKBS Bagian PertamaRevisiting Melancholic Bitch With New Album “NKKBS Bagian Pertama”

The mythical band from Yogyakarta, Melancholic Bitch returned from their sanctuary after several years with a new album called “NKKBS Bagian Pertama”. A showcase was held on 9 September 2017 at PKKH UGM Building, Yogyakarta to introduce the audience with their new album in eight years. This marks their first ever live performance in two years, since they were last seen. “Konser Melancholic Bitch NKKBS Bagian Pertama” became an oasis for their long time fans. After their frontman, Ugoran Prasad decided to go abroad, the band’s activity practically was put on halt. That night, the concert turned into a reunion for Yogyakarta’s underground scene enthusiasts. Started at 8 o’clock, Nadia Hatta opened the performance with her solo keyboard and not long after, Ugoran Prasad entered the stage holding a small red bucket which functioned as an ashtray. The setlist from Melancholic Bitch contained songs from their latest album. “Bioskop, Pisau Lipat”, the lead single from the album was bought energetically. They went on performing all 11 songs from the album without a sign of fatigue.

Melancholic Bitch Konser NKKBS Bagian Pertama
Ugoran Prasad

Their live performance became more solid with the help of Uya Cipriano from LastElise on guitar, Danish Wisnu from FSTVLST on drum, Gisela Swaragita from Seahoarse on backing vocal and Arsita Iswardhani from Teater Garasi on backing vocal as well. Ugoran Prasad, Yennu Ariendra, Yossy Herman Susilo, Richardus Ardita, Nadya Hatta and Danish Wisnu Nugraha contribute to the album that is said to be the first installment of more albums to come. We are not sure whether Melancholic Bitch have planned other records as a follow up, but we’re pretty glad that they come back after “Balada Joni and Susi”. After finishing all the songs from new album, they graced us with familiar tunes from previous album like “Mars Penyembah Berhala”, “Akhirnya Masuk Tipi” and many more. For two hours, we were proved that after a long hiatus, Melancholic Bitch still got their charm. Their songs are still as meta as ever, and it takes a lot of effort to dissect the album by our own understanding. Welcome back Melancholic Bitch, you have been dearly missed!

Contributor & pic: Komang Adhyatma/Editor: Novita Widia