Danilla Lintasan Waktu AlbumDanilla Shows Her Idealism Through Latest Album “Lintasan Waktu” + Watch The Video of “Aaa”

If Danilla is imagined as an infant, then we could say she is in the phase of learning to walk by now. On “Telisik”, the singer entrusted Lafa Pratomo as the sole producer of the album, but now she is willing to take a step forward by being a producer in her sophomore release “Lintasan Waktu”. Starting to be produced since 2015, the album is finally out yesterday. It took roughly three years for this album to be released and in “Lintasan Waktu”, Danilla isn’t shy to showcase her true color by writing almost all materials here. Lafa Pratomo and Alda Nada Permana from Ruang Waktu Music Lab act as producers in this album alongside the singer. Containing 10 tracks in total, we could see many artists involved in this project. There are Dimas Pradipta, Edward Manurung, Christ Stanley, Gallang Perdhana, Pertus Bayu Prabowo and Rd. Moch Sigit Agung Pramudita who contribute their talents to the album which was released digitally under Ruang Waktu Music. On some occasions, the singer said that this album represent what Danilla wants as a musician and she tried to do what she likes instead of doing what people want her to do.

Danilla Lintasan Waktu Album
Artwork by Eunice Nuh

These 10 songs are a reflection of Danilla and you can see how much she has grown from “Telisik”. With darker and more mature ambience, we got to see the singer combines all sort of influences albeit retaining the similar core to her previous tune. “Entah Ingin Ke Mana” in collaboration with Rd. Moch Sigit Agung Pramudita, “Meramu”, and “Dari Sebuah Mimpi Buruk” are among our favorites in this album that will be released in its physical format by Demajors. We are taken to a journey of various atmospheres and we think that she utilizes her vocal range pretty well. Along with the release of the album, a music video for “Aaa” was also uploaded onto her Youtube account. The lead single is the longest track in this album and the Nitya Putrini’s directed video sees the singer and a female talent through aesthetic monochromatic shot. “Lintasan Waktu” can be streamed on several digital streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and many more. Here is the complete tracklist of the album and watch the video of “Aaa” below.

“Lintasan Waktu” Tracklist

1. Laguland
2. Entah Ingin Kemana ft. Rd. Moch Sigit Agung Pramudita,
3. Kalapuna
4. Meramu
5. Ikatan Waktu Lampau
6. Aaa
7. Dari Sebuah Mimpi Buruk
8. Usang
9. Ini dan Itu
10. Lintasan Waktu