Soundrenaline 2017 Day 2 Report
Andien x Scaller
Fireworks Party Wrapped Up Soundrenaline 2017 Day 2 Celebration!

Day one of Soundrenaline 2017 managed to get us all excited, but wait until you go on the next day. Albeit attracting less crowd from the first day, it seemed like the enthusiasm was still all time high. Proven by how this festival goers went crazy over the performances of Fourtwnty, Dialog Dini Hari, Barasuara, /rif, Endank Soekamti, Dashboard Confessional, Sheila on 7 and many more. Collaborations were not as many as the first day, but we were able to see two rather peculiar combinations of Kelompok Penerbang Roket x Glenn Fredly and Scaller x Andien. A day after their performances on Menthol Burst Stage, Andien and Scaller once again graced the stage but this time in a joint performance. Singing songs from various genre like “Feel Good Inc.” from Gorillaz, “Idioteque” by Radiohead, “XO” by Beyoncé, or even “The Less I Know The Better” by Tame Impala, these two acts brought surprising rendition of the songs. On an interview session after the set, Andien uttered her surprise after being paired with alternative rock group, Scaller. “In the beginning I was pretty surprised when I was paired with Scaller whose music genre is very different than mine. It becomes a challenge to find the harmony between me and Scaller, so I got a new music experience. However, seeing the positive feedback and energy from the audience, I’m glad that I could realize this project,” said Andien. The statement was also approved by both Stella Gareth and Reney Karamoy of Scaller.

Soundrenaline 2017 Day 2 Report
Dialog Dini Hari

Earlier that day, on the same stage, Dialog Dini Hari marked their second coming to Soundrenaline. The blues/folk trio from Bali performed with Endah and Rhesa last year, but this year they got the stage of their own. The band who are famous for their hit song “Tentang Rumahku” explained that they are still jamming together to find the right materials for their next album. Being compared to a legend like Iwan Fals, Dadang, the vocalist humbly said that it would be an honor if they ever meet or collaborate with him. Dialog Dini Hari also hinted that they will still insert social, politics, and environmental issues in their music, since they are given platform to do so. Meanwhile on A Stage, Barasuara performed upon enthusiastic crowd and the talents behind the indie rock act did not disappoint. Dashboard Confessional performed songs from their extensive discography that includes the classic “Vindicated”, “Don’t Wait” and “Hands Down”. They also covered “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure and “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber, which managed to gain attention from the crowd. On Slim/Refined stage, there were energetic performances by Rock N Roll Mafia, indie rock band from US, Cults and Kimokal among others.

Soundrenaline 2017 Day 2 Report

On United We Loud stage, we got to see how /rif could maintain their rock star aura despite not being young in age. They performed their songs like “Radja”, “Loe Toe Ye”, “Aku Ingin” and many more. A collaboration between Glenn Fredly and Kelompok Penerbang Roket also happened here. Together the two musicians from different genres sang songs  Sheila on 7 closed out the stage with their nostalgic songs like “Kisah Klasik Untuk Masa Depan”, “J.A.P”, “Melompat Lebih Tinggi” and approximately 8 more songs on their setlist. At the same time, NTRL took the A stage and closed out the night of Soundrenaline 2017 with a bang. A firework party that lasted for half an hour followed suit and gave the audience a glorious spectacle in the sky. Overall, Soundrenaline 2017 #UnitedWeLoud successfully gathered 83.151 people on their two-day festival. Novrial Rustam as the Managing Director of Kilau Indonesia as promoter expressed his hope for this music event. “We hope that Soundrenaline 2017 which was full of surprises and climax could be a platform to show Indonesia’s music scene which is loud and substantial. We hope that this festival can motivate all people to keep working. See you next year!,” added Novrial. The event was festive and showed that various genres musicians could set aside their ego by performing together to entertain the audience. See you next year!

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