Dhira Bongs Goes To Kyoto Music Expo 2017Dhira Bongs Goes to Japan for Kyoto Music Expo 2017

One thing we should be proud of as Indonesian is the acknowledgement for our musicians and artists from international scene. The latest one on the list is Dhira Bongs, a female soloist who is surprisingly invited to Kyoto Music Expo 2017 in Kyoto, Japan. The annual event is going to be held on 23 September 2017 at Kyoto Umekoji Park Lawn Square. It showcases 7 performers with the accompaniment of big band/orchestra as well as two soloist which are Tomi Lebrero from Argentina and of course, Dhira Bongs. The singer-songwriter from Bandung could not hold her excitement about performing in the land of rising sun and she decided to make a mini Japan tour with four stops in total. She also told us about how she got invited to the event through a press release. Dhira’s song called “Puncak Pohon Bandung” was discovered by Fan Fan, who is a trumpet player of a Japanese band called Quruli who has a radio show on NHK FM. Youtube helped Fan Fan to discover Dhira and finally Quruli’s manager, Nao, who is also the organizer of Kyoto Music Expo invited her to perform.

Dhira Bongs Goes To Kyoto Music Expo 2017The honor to represent her country at a foreign land does not go to waste as she agreed to attend the 11th installment of the music expo. Simultaneously, she also holds Open Suitcase Journey, a mini tour prior to her performance at Kyoto Music Expo. It has started since yesterday with a mini-gig at Substore Tokyo. Later on, she will visit K.D. Japon at Nagoya on 20 September, and Musica Japonica at Osaka on the 21st. The mini tour is supported by Daichi (Goodluck Heiwa) and friends as well as Andika (Substore). She will also use the opportunity to visit Japan to make a music video with the theme of self-esteem. It is unclear whether the single she picks for the music video is taken from her “Head Over Heels” album or a completely new number. However, the theme of the video is picked due to Japan’s high rate of suicide and stress. You could contribute to her mini tour by pre-ordering the Japan tour t-shirt through her Instagram or buy her album through www.demajors.com. Good luck for the mini tour and shooting!

Dhira Bongs Goes To Kyoto Music Expo 2017
Open Suitcase Japan Tour T-shirt