Gerald Situmorang Dice Single from Second Album
“DIce” artwork
Gerald Situmorang Welcomes You to His Sophomore Album with “Dice”

If “Solitude” shows personal and sentimental side from Gerald Situmorang, then his second solo album called “Dimensions” will take a different route. In 2017, the guitarist has hinted that electronic elements will present on his sophomore record. It presents on the lead single “Dice” that was released on 14 September 2017. The song has previously performed by GeSit’s old group Gerald Situmorang Trio. It was then re-arranged with electronic music just like other songs in the album. On the first listen, the song sounds very uplifting, young, and optimistic. Gerald’s guitar combined with irregular beats, synths, and sound effect gives off a joyful feeling but at the same time its uncommon pace successfully intrigue us to listen more. “Dice” might sounds shallow but its meaning is rather deep as explained by Gerald through a press release. “This song (Dice) is the only old song that can be found on “Dimensions” album. A song that has a pretty deep meaning for me personally. Our lives are like this dice, since human has a lot of options to determine his destiny. I think this song fits as an introduction for the listeners for the materials in the new album which are the opposite of previous album (Solitude),” utters Gerald.

Gerald Situmorang Dice Single from Second Album
“Dimensions” artwork

The audio has been made available to be streamed on Youtube and it features a gorgeous animation in collaboration with artist Artisa Tumiwa. It has vibrant colors and shows hand as a symbol of human who can control his/her life by throwing the dice. Patterns and metaphorical movements are shown in the motion picture that fits perfectly with the electronic genre the song bears. This song is planned to be played live when Gerald Situmorang gets on stage with Alur Bunyi on Wednesday, 20 September 2017 at GoetheHaus, Jl. Sam Ratulangi 9-15, Jakarta. He has selected the live players for the show that consists of Marco Steffiano (sequencer & effects), Randy MP (effects & soundscapes), Jessilardus Mates (electronic drums), Adra Karim (synth), Agung Munthe (synth) and Baskoro Juwono (voices). They will perform all the songs from “Dimensions” and the visitors would be able to buy the physical release of the record before it is released digitally the next day. Aren’t you curious about GeSit’s new music direction on “Dimensions”? Then listen to “Dice” as a start below.