Indische Party Have You Ever Cried Music VideoIndische Party Go Vintage on “Have You Ever Cried” Video

Analog photography sees a rising in sales and hype recently, so analog cinematography must follow suit and it is the case for Indische Party‘s latest music video for “Have You Ever Cried”. Taken from their sophomore album “ANALOG”, the single has a strong vintage feel with its rock and roll ballad. The music video was directed by Azri Naim and unlike modern videos, it was recorded using Super 8mm Kodachrome 40 which has expired in 1986! It was then processed in BW reversal, so as you can watch on the video, the result is a monochromatic and full of noise piece of artwork. Lab Laba-Laba is chosen as the place to process this vintage video with the help of Nano Lab to do the telecine (a process of transferring motion picture film into a video). The song shows the sentimental side of a man/woman who cries at times of difficulties. The rhetoric question “have you ever cried” is repeated again and again and becomes the hook of the song. It is mellow, sweet, and reminds us of the golden era of Koes Plus. 

This marks the fourth single from Indische Party taken from their “ANALOG” album. Previously they have released “Serigala”, “Khilaf” and “Ingin Dekatmu”. This also becomes the third visual from the 60’s revival band hailing from Jakarta, only “Serigala” that does not have a proper music video. The album “ANALOG” shows further exploration from the band by bringing something new to the table like Tika, the drummer who fills in the vocal of “Ingin Dekatmu”. The band are currently active in doing live shows at several music events including a gig at Synchronize Festival 2017 on the second day. Watch Japs Shadiq, Kubil, Jacobus and Tika on the video of “Have You Ever Cried” below.