The Talkboy Releases Pieces AlbumThe Talkboy Reveal Album “Pieces” via Fallyears Records

After a string of singles that were revealed earlier, a solo act from Fallyears Records, The Talkboy unveiled his debut album titled “Pieces” on 9 September 2017. Beforehand, Bagas Yudhiswa as the guy behind the persona has released “No Blue”, “Better Than Me” and “Falling” through the label’s Soundcloud account. Just like previous three singles which are thick with surf-pop element, the album “Pieces” contain six tracks that they call lo-fi jangle pop (whatever that means). All the songs, instruments, and arrangement were done by The Talkboy himself. The album which lasts for 18 minutes has been uploaded onto Fallyears Records’ Youtube account and can be streamed for free there. This album is a continuation of Bagas’ solo project with his old album “Self-Loathe”. For a second, The Talkboy’s record sounds like the love child of Mac DeMarco and Beach Fossils.

The Talkboy Single
Pieces album artwork

It emphasizes on its lo-fi element and the overall outlook sounds more optimistic and cheerful than “Self-Loathe” which is pretty depressing to listen to. The songs have jangly guitar and vintage surf-pop arrangement. One thing we expect to see more is vocal effect to be applied on his vocal, just for, you know, make it more lo-fi. “Pieces” album stream is accompanied with lo-fi video footage and lyrics, so you can sing along and understand the meaning behind the songs well. The Talkboy shows another side of Bagas Yudhiswa that we rarely see on his main band, Beeswax. On another note, Fallyears Records will be busy this year with the scheduled releases from their roster like Beeswax and Dizzyhead. Enjoy “Pieces” album by The Talkboy in its entirely below. While you’re at it, follow The Talkboy’s Instagram and Fallyears Records’ social media here.

 “Pieces” Tracklist

1. Time to Time

2. Pretend

3. Falling

4. No Blue

5. Better Than Me

6. Let Me Down