Synchronize Fest 2017 4th Line Up
Final Line Up of Synchronize Fest 2017
The 4th Phase Line-Up of Synchronize Fest Has Been Announced!

September isn’t ending yet, but October is just so close which means we are getting nearer to the second installment of Synchronize Fest 2017. The annual music festival presented by Dyandra Promosindo and Demajors returns from 6 to 8 October 2017 and will take place at Gambir Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta. After announcing its first to third line-up, finally the fourth line up of Synchronize Fest 2017 has been finalized. For three days, as many as 95 musicians will grace various stages available there. Last year, they provided five stages with three big stages and two smaller ones. If last year’s highlight was the return of King of Dangdut, Rhoma Irama and his group Soneta, then this year will once again give the chance for Indonesia’s old timers to bring back nostalgia. Base Jam Reunion, Steven and Coconutreez are among the performers from the old era that will showcase their music to the younger generation. “The musicians seem pretty enthusiastic and supportive toward this year’s Synchronize Fest, especially those who took a long break from the industry. Now they have returned with the hope to entertain music enthusiasts in Indonesia,” said David Karto as the Festival Director of Synchronize Fest 2017.

Just like last year, besides music performances, there will be film screenings at several spots inside the venue, records market, creative bazaar, and visual experience to enhance your music festival vibe. “We prepare five main stages again for three days with a comprehensive concept which tells about the state of Indonesia’s music industry,” explained Hendra Noor Saleh as Marketing & Communications Director of PT. Dyandra Promosindo. This year’s line-up includes Float, The Adams, Deadsquad, Goodnight Electric, Fourtwnty, Feast, Bin Idris, Shaggydog, Efek Rumah Kaca, D’essentials of Groove (Maliq & D’essentials x The Groove), Tulus, Mocca, and many more. The ticket for 3-day-pass is sold for IDR345,000 with the daily pass for IDR190,000. Early entry pass also applies and can be purchased for IDR135,000 and the visitors must enter the venue before 3PM in the afternoon. The ticket is available at Synchronize Fest website, or other outlets like Book My Show, Go-Tix, Goers, Ibu Dibjo, Kiostix, Panorama Tours, and Rajakarcis. Are you ready to be entertained with Indonesia’s finest musicians? See you at Synchronize Fest 2017!