The Display Mixtape Vol.4 Never That by Chalif (Under The Radar)The Display Mixtape Vol.4: Never That by Chalif (Under The Radar)

So, we kinda want to relive our mixtape section but this time it will be curated solely by our readers. First up, there is Chalif from Under The Radar who curated a 15-track playlist titled “Never That”. It is filled with indie pop, dream pop, indie rock songs from local bands and beyond.

This mixtape is telling story about what you wanna do with yourself from dawn to sunset. Absolutely alone in solitude at the seashore looking how’s life distract and bend your mindset, day by day until the only “time” will heal the scars, pain and anxiety itself. Anyway, I made this caused i’m so affected with someone with her/his taste of art. “Never That” is a song titled by ATSEA and I appreciate the story behind ATSEA songs.


1. Omar Prazhari – Should Have
2. ATSEA – Never That
3. Bedchamber – Perennial
4. Beach Fossils – Taking Off
5. Boys Age – Worlds of More Strong Love
6. No Vacation – Lovefool
7. ATSEA – High TIdes
8. Seapony – Bad Dream
9. Seaside. – Giggle and Blush
10. Surf Curse – Forever Dumb
11. Irial Enre – Clouds Over Manet
12. Jamie Aditya Graham – Shine On
13. ATSEA – Nighttime Nina
14. No Vacation – Dream Girl
15. Two Doges A Couple Bauds – Darius

You can find the original upload of this mixtape here and go follow Under The Radar on Instagram for their latest curated indie music and aesthetic.