Museum MACAN First Sight II
Aaron Seeto, the Director of Museum MACAN
Get a Glimpse of Museum MACAN’s Dynamic Performance Art on “First Sight II”

It is the second time that Museum MACAN invited the media and art enthusiasts to come and see their latest program called “First Sight”. The program is an event held to host art performances from local and international artists and it has been successfully launched for the first time back on 12 August 2017. On its second installment on 9 September 2017, the event commenced from 10 AM until almost 6 PM in the evening. We were totally in awe with the performances, speech and overall look of the first contemporary art museum in town. “First Sight II” featured live performances from six artists namely Arahmaiani, Mella Jaarsma, Xu Zhen, Duto Hardono, Heman Chong, and Justin Shoulder. Their attraction managed to gather a lot of crowd that consisted of fellow artists, art enthusiasts, and the public of Jakarta greater area. Not only watching the performances, we were also invited to stroll around the museum which is planned to be opened for public in November 2017.

Museum MACAN First Sight II
“Dog Walk” by Mella Jaarsma

The newly furnished and designed building offers a lot to explore and it is a home for artworks from renown artists like Yayoi Kusama, Raden Saleh, S. Sudjojono, FX Harsono, and many more. A museum tour was to follow in between the break of performances and we were shown how the artwork was made and who created it. Arahmaiani for example, infused both traditional and modern element in her performance called “Handle Without Care”. We were delighted by the appearance of a lady who wore traditional Javanese clothing with toy gun on her hand. While “In The Blink of An Eye” by Xu Zhen stunned with the gravity defying performance that we had to double check on every angle. Other performances on First Sight II were no less intriguing and you would not be disappointed. The chance to visit the museum prior to its grand opening could be obtained if you register yourself at Museum MACAN’s website. You will be eligible for updates on the museum’s latest events, exhibitions, performances and many more.

Museum MACAN First Sight II
“Handle Without Care” by Arahmaiani

Aaron Seeto, the Director of Museum MACAN also said that “First Sight” program opens an opportunity for the public to enjoy performance art for the first time. This is a gateway for Jakartans to explore art and deepen their cultural experience in the city. In the month of September, there is also another program being held that is MACAN Society which will give you several privileges like first-hand information for upcoming events, direct interaction with artists and curators of Museum MACAN and many more. Feel the experience of art on another level on this museum and book your ticket here.

Museum MACAN First Sight II
“Carrion: Episode 1” by Justin Shoulder

Reporter: Narisha Zulkarnain/Editor: Novita Widia

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