Worth It, Adeline’s New Single about Touching Lovestory
Adeline – Worth It
Worth It, Adeline’s New Single about Touching Lovestory

After spending one year away from indie music industry, Adeline released a new single titled ‘Worth It’. The indie pop/rock band released its new hit at June, 9th in collaboration with Strato Studio and Kayken Studio (by Pepen). Adeline is a term taken from German,  which means honor. Coming from Semarang, the  band consisted of Destria Aryani as vocalist, Ansidik Permana as guitarist, Deliawan Ockiardy as bassist, Arief Samudra as keyboardist, and Ezza Navsar as drummer.

Worth It told a story about the struggle of a couple facing their own matters. The singer was afraid of being alone, while her lover had some self-esteem issues, forcing him to leave the relationship. The song emphasis how the singer chose to wait her lover solving his issues instead of leaving him, because he is indeed worth to wait—just like the song’s title, ‘Worth It’.

Destria’s voice was outstanding in this song, very powerful yet enjoyable. Her voice reminded us of Demi Lovato’s singing style. Destria’s only flaw was—similar to many other Indonesian singers who sing English songs—unclear pronunciation. It took us 3 times of listening to Worth It to finally understand what it actually talks about.

On the other hand, the music arrangement was enjoyable, but not extraordinary. We don’t think this is a song that would enable listener to quickly recognize Adeline; it’s a kind of song that people would likely forget. However, the story the song tried to tell is actually beautiful yet very relatable to lots of people’s love story. If he/she really is that worth it, why won’t we just patiently wait?

Written by: Jatrifia Ramadhani