Biennale Jogja XIV Age of Hope Biennale Jogja XIV Announces “Age of Hope” As Its Main Theme and Introduces A Series of Main Programs

(9/6) Yogyakarta is home for art, and this year the 14th Biennale Jogja will hold a series of programs starting from October to December. During a press conference with the speakers consisted of Dodo Hartoko, Biennale Jogja XIV’s Director, Pius Sigit Kuncoro Biennale Jogja XIV’s Curator and Luft Adelina the researcher of Biennale Jogja XIV, “Age of Hope” was announced as this year’s theme. Held at Jogja National Museum, Biennale Jogja XIV introduces four main programs which are Festival Equator, Main Exhibition, Parallel Events, and Biennale Forum. This year, the art event also becomes the fourth edition of ‘Equator’. The equator series explore the notion of a journey from Indonesia, Yogyakarta in particular, across the world in 10 years time and this year belongs to Brazil. Biennale Jogja team have visited the South American country back in November 2016 and found aesthetic moments during the 32nd São Paulo Biennial “Live Uncertainty”. Inspired by this, Biennale Jogja XIV Equator #4 aims to tackle the problem of live uncertainty which make us hopeless.

Nine repertoires will be shown and consist of three main parts which are Organizing Chaos as the theme for Festival Equator, Age of Hope as the theme for Main Exhibition and Parallel Events and Managing Hope as the theme for Biennale Forum. Prior to the main event, from 10 October to 2 November 2017 they will use public spaces across Yogyakarta city to showcase traumatizing and unusual occurrences that happened in the past. Communities and artists will take part in this Festival Equator before some of the artworks are exhibited during the Opening Night of Biennale Jogja XIV.  The main event itself starts from 2 November to 10 December and will present the work from 27 Indonesian artists and 12 Brazilian artists. Seven narrations will become the notion of this phase there are Penyangkalan atas Kenyataan, Kemarahan pada Keadaan, Keputusasaan atas Kehilangan, Kepasrahan dalam Ketiadaan, Penghiburan atas Kehilangan, Kesadaran pada Keadaan, and Penerimaan atas Kenyataan. The Brazilian artists chosen are Cinthia Marcelle and Tiago Mata Machado, Clara Ianni, Daniel Lie, Deyson Gilbert, Ícaro Lira, Jonathas de Andrade, Leticia Ramos, Lourival Cuquinha, Rodrigo Braga, Virginia de Medeiros, Waléria Americo, and Yuri Firmeza.

Biennale Jogja XIV Age of Hope The parallel events which will unfold from 28 October to 3 December involves several art collectives and galleries across Yogyakarta. They are Ark Galerie, PKKH Universitas Gadjah Mada, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Kedai Kebun Forum, Museum Dan Tanah Liat, Galeri Lorong, Ruang MES 56, and many more which will host performances, film screenings, exhibitions and such. Meanwhile on Biennale Forum with the theme Managing Hope from 4 November to 7 December will host creative and productive discussions about traumatic moments in life seen as aesthetic inspiration for live’s uncertainty. For more information of Biennale Jogja XIV, head to their website and stay tuned!