Tommy Pratomo Step SingleTommy Pratomo Brings Funk and Showcases His Pipe on New Single “Step”

If you have known him from his regular appearance with HiVi!, Marcell, Raisa or Barasuara, then Tommy Pratomo is ready to step up his game with his upcoming sophomore solo album. The pop jazz musician is known for his forte in playing saxophone and great improvisation while playing live. This time, Tommy Pratomo introduces you to his first single from upcoming album called “Step”. Different from his usual saxophone jazz flair, this time we got to know his vocal ability as well as his take on funk music. With a base of R&B beats, he brings the groove in this song with a little touch of jazz. You can hear his falsetto and unique singing style in this one, and he admitted to adopt it from listening to Sisco, KC & Jojo, Drake, Brian McKnight, Chance The Rapper and Luther Vandross. The song tells about the phase of approaching someone he likes without actually yielding any result he wants. For Tommy himself, “Step” also means a new chapter in his music career. “There is a personal music journey that I want to share to every listener with ‘Step’ including my singing. Honestly it is not a new thing, because in the beginning I started my career as a wedding singer or any various events,” says Tommy about this song. He consulted with Adyuta abandhika, Joshua Kunze, Bakhes Igirisa, Matthew Sayerz and Kevin Widaya (JIVVA) for recording his singing part.

Tommy Pratomo Step SingleThe 29-year-old musician wrote this song with assistance from Ade Avery (gitar), Adrian “Kitut” Rahmat (keyboard, synth, bass), Rio Exo, and produced by Marco Steffiano and mized by Rayendra Sunito. The track was mastered at Master Sage Studio, United States. “I try to maximize any aspect including the production of this song. With the lyrics and arrangement that I have imagined beforehand until the single is done, I hope that those who listen could feel a refreshing work from me who is labeled as a saxophone player,” hoped Tommy. The second album is planned to be revealed in the following months this year. “Step” is available to be streamed on various digital streaming services like JOOX, Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, and can be purchased on iTunes. Listen below and get your groove on!