Fazerdaze Live in Jakarta AnnouncementKiwi’s Indie Darling, Fazerdaze Are Coming to Jakarta!

New Zealand’s latest import to Indonesia is no other than a dream pop group led by Amelia Murray called Fazerdaze. Studiorama in collaboration with Noisewhore, Six Thirty Recordings are bringing the act to Jakarta on 21 October 2017. Rossi Musik Fatmawati is once again chosen as the venue for the gig as it was also the place to host Kero Kero Bonito’s concert last year and Turnover this year. The New Zealand band first appeared with a self titled mini album in 2015 while doing the recording on her bedroom. With the help of multi-instrumentalist, Jonathan Pearce, the two of them created a warm dream pop tunes that take us to another world. Earlier this year, Fazerdaze release “Morningside” via Flying Nun Records with warm responses from media outlets like Pitchfork, NME, and HillyDilly. Their song and video for “Lucky Girl” generates 2.8 million views as we write this article, and it is considered a huge feat for this indie act based in Auckland.

Their coming to Indonesia also brings another sentiment for Amelia Murray personally, since she is known to have Indonesian descent albeit being born and raised in New Zealand. For the live performance, she is accompanied with Gareth Thomas in bass and Andrea Holmes in drum. As the news broke several days ago, people got excited for it especially the collectives who bring them to Indonesia. “This is in line with out mission to keep giving the stage for potential musicians who deserve more spotlight, there will also be two local opening acts that we will announce later,” said the representative of Studiorama. Noisewhore and Six Thirty Recordings also voice out their excitement regarding the band since they are the complete package in terms of visual and music. The price and method to purchase the ticket will be announced soon, but they promise to charge an affordable price. As a comparison you could take an example from Kero Kero Bonito’s ticket which was around IDR50K or Turnover’s ticket which was around IDR150K. Stay tuned to Studiorama, Noisewhore or Six Thirty Recordings’ social media for the latest update.