Fazerdaze Live in Jakarta AnnouncementKiwi’s Indie Darling, Fazerdaze Are Coming to Jakarta!

New Zealand’s latest import to Indonesia is no other than a dream pop group led by Amelia Murray called Fazerdaze. Studiorama in collaboration with Noisewhore, Six Thirty Recordings are bringing the act to Jakarta on 21 October 2017. Rossi Musik Fatmawati is once again chosen as the venue for the gig as it was also the place to host Kero Kero Bonito’s concert last year and Turnover this year. The New Zealand band first appeared with a self titled mini album in 2015 while doing the recording on her bedroom. With the help of multi-instrumentalist, Jonathan Pearce, the two of them created a warm dream pop tunes that take us to another world. Earlier this year, Fazerdaze release “Morningside” via Flying Nun Records with warm responses from media outlets like Pitchfork, NME, and HillyDilly. Their song and video for “Lucky Girl” generates 2.8 million views as we write this article, and it is considered a huge feat for this indie act based in Auckland.

Their coming to Indonesia also brings another sentiment for Amelia Murray personally, since she is known to have Indonesian descent albeit being born and raised in New Zealand. For the live performance, she is accompanied with Gareth Thomas in bass and Andrea Holmes in drum. As the news broke several days ago, people got excited for it especially the collectives who bring them to Indonesia. “This is in line with out mission to keep giving the stage for potential musicians who deserve more spotlight, there will also be two local opening acts that we will announce later,” said the representative of Studiorama. Noisewhore and Six Thirty Recordings also voice out their excitement regarding the band since they are the complete package in terms of visual and music. The price and method to purchase the ticket will be announced soon, but they promise to charge an affordable price. As a comparison you could take an example from Kero Kero Bonito’s ticket which was around IDR50K or Turnover’s ticket which was around IDR150K. Stay tuned to Studiorama, Noisewhore or Six Thirty Recordings’ social media for the latest update.


  1. Bunga Itmadian Reply

    i’m a lucky girl who deserved this giveaway ticket! the show won’t be great without a lucky girl like me. you never be disappointed by choosing me as a lucky one. 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

    • You gotta gimme the giveaway ticket & watch the NZ Amelia cos I’ve had enough watching Barasuara every week 😀


  2. I wanna see Fazerdaze concert because I want to sing along with Amelia Murray and also watch the concert with a giveaway ticket from The Display! Wish me luck!

  3. Why you guys must pick me as a winner for fazerdaze ticket? Coz i really really wanted to see amelia murray live, i can’t stop to listen “lucky girl” song.. Also i wanna met her in person to see how wonderful her, and maybe i could be a very lucky man if i win this ticket.. Please please let me let me 😆

  4. if i win this ticket i’ll probably going to watch it alone since its midterms week on monday. let’s count it as a fun experience, i’ll finally get my going-to-a-concert-alone experience

  5. I think you gotta pick me on this giveaway because, meh I dont know, I am just stoked to immerse myself in the catchy reverbs of Fazerdaze for I’m sure that the tunes would echo in my head!

  6. Imarta Retri Putri Reply

    She is so cool and beautiful i love her so much! So sad that the tickets are already sold when i finally have the money huhuhu:( *muterin spotify doi mulu abis itu* wish the concert is going well and full of fun so she will back again here. Sangat berharap menang giveaway ini karena sampai skg blm ada yg dm aku jual tiket karena batal nonton fazerdaze:( tolong menangkan aku wkwkwk

  7. Why The Display should choose me as the “LUCKY GIRL” to see Fazerdaze live @ Jakarta is because i’m really in love with her and her music scene, i always get to listening some of her songs for “LAST TO SLEEP” or when i’m having some “BEDROOM TALKS” with my “FRIENDS”. Her songs usually remind me about the joy of “MORNINGSIDE” and always taught me to “TAKE IT SLOW” and never “MISREAD” at my own life. Her voice is also mesmerizing that i just want to lay on someone’s “SHOULDERS” when i’m listening to her. But i know it’s “LITTLE UNEASY” for me to buy the ticket because i’ll never get my own money HAHA just please please please give me a single chance to sing “HALF-FIGURED” along with all “JENNIFER” who will see Mba Murray live @ Jakarta!

  8. Deva Ariana Muslim Reply

    Sebelumnya gua sangat berterimakasih kepada @studi0rama @630recs @noisewhore dan terutama @thedisplaynet yang telah memberi harapan baru dalam hidup gua untuk konser ini. Alasan gue kenapa gue jadi orang yang tepat untuk datang ke konser Fazerdaze adalah… Sedikit cerita pada saat tiket Fazerdaze Sold Out itu gue jadikan hari tersial gue, karna gue hanya telat 2 menit!!! Waktu itu gua lagi kerja dan ditempat kerja gua tuh gak boleh menggunakan hp pada saat jam kerja karna sudah jadi peraturan dan jika melanggar ada hukumannya, sebelum berangkat ke kantor gua sempet cek di aplikasi Goersapp tiket masih ada ah gua tenang dan niatnya pulang kerja mau langsung book. Tapi entah kenapa gua punya firasat tiket bakal segera sold out, akhirnya gue nekat ambil hp gue dan saat gue buka aplikasi goersapp ternyata masih ada alhamdulillah dan dan kesialan itu datang! Ada telfon masuk dari teman gue lalu gue angkat dan berbicara sekitar 1-2 menit dan pas gue buka lagi… Baam!!! Tiket SOLD OUT! Mampus gue! Gue panik gakaruan dan apesnya lagi area manager gua liat gua lagi main hp pas jam kerja dan gua dapat SP 1! Gagal beli tiket Fazerdaze dan SP1 wow what a shit day! Tapi hari ini gue kembali optimis berkat @thedisplaynet karna mengadakan giveaway tiket fazerdaze. Gue percaya dan yakin kalo emang rejeki gabakal kemana, semoga gua jadi orang berungtung buat dateng ke Rossi Fatmawati 21 oct nanti amin!!!!!

  9. Riski Fauzan Reply

    This is definitely gonna be a major treat! They always give an uncommon beauty in their music! Their 2014 album was my first introduction to Fazerdaze, and it was a pleasant surprise! I really hope to get the chance to win the giveawat or otherwise I’ll miss the chance to witness Amelia’s shooting voice! 😭

  10. The display should pick me cause i really want to sing along with Amelie Murray and seeing her as close as i can and doing that is a self-pleasure for me. So, please let me get what i want this time.

  11. Bentara Alam Gumilang Reply

    Pop, rock, alternative, shoe gaze-y.. there is something, –heck, there are lots about her music that gave us senses of dream-like feeling, an ambience, a soundscape of safe place. Also, the fact that she recorded and mixed most of her song in her room, is an ingenuinity in the midst of electronic-artificial sounds alike in the music industry (not a complain, tho..), is a great act.

    I really do hope I get the chance to saw Fazerdaze, for at least once in a life time. It would be so awesome if you guys pick me. Cheers!

  12. Bisimillah.
    Pertama saya ikut ini karna biar ada notif di adminnya thedisplay.
    Kedua kenapa saya harus dapatkan tiket itu? Tentu saya akan dibarisan paling depan, nyanyi 1 album Morningside brg mbak Amelia Murray dan mungkin akan stagediving(mungkin).
    Ketiga jika saya menang saya akan menempel poster gambar mukanya mbak amelia murray ukuran a0 di rossi musik.

  13. Do not know why I should watch this Fazerdaze, perhaps because I am interested in its unique genre. And Bedroom Talks is one of my favorite songs, when I was all over and hit by Final Assignment at that time ☺️

  14. The only reason why you should pick me is just because I’m very very interested with good music, and Fazerdaze is one of few who made it. Her music is simply amazing and I bet everybody love it.

  15. Danang Prionggo Reply

    Saya pertama kali mengenal fazerdaze dari YouTube melalui single mereka “little uneasy” dan sejak saat itu saya berikrar “kalo mereka dateng ke jakarta, gw harus nonton!!!” Musik alternative yg ringan, diselingi suasana dreamy/shoegaze yg pas.. ahh, musik mereka keren banget. Dan begitu tahu kalau fazerdaze ini project solo Amelia Murray, saya makin salut dengan fazerdaze. Beruntunglah kita karena ada kolektif ibu kota yg bisa membawa fazerdaze kesini, dan semoga saya beruntung dapat tiket dari the display, hehe. Oh Amelia, we love you you..

  16. Bismillah~
    Alasan kenapa saya harus menang giveaway ini?
    Pertama, saya seneng mb Amelia Murray hehehe. Kedua, saya pengen ke Jkt pake kereta :’) Dan yg ketiga, ketika yang lain sedih karena kehabisan tiket, saya sedih karena uang tabungan saya belum cukup karena perkiraan saya menabung dari sebulan lebih sebelum show adalah kesalahan. Kirain tiket bakal dijual 2 minggu sebelum show, taunya lebih cepet dari yang diduga oleh saya dan teman saya sebelumnya~ Huft, semoga saja saya yang dapet deh dengan curhat begini hhh, I hope you guys choose me to win this ticket, jd saya tinggal beli tiket kereta bdg-jkt pp buat nonton mb Amelia Murray~
    Makasi @630recs, @studi0rama, @noisewhore dan @thedisplaynet telah mengadakan giveaway ini, semoga dulu aja deh heheu~

  17. Risky Maulana Reply

    Some friend said, they almost cannot describe “Dream pop” without referring Amelia Murray’s voices.. well, i wanna see her live performance to proof excellence

  18. I know them since May 2017, I found their song on a random spotify playlist, that song is “jennifer”, after it appeared “lucky girl MV” on youtube and I started loving this band, they have a very cool concept music, dreamy and very eargasm to listen tho. Their songs have always been listened to in my daily life over the past few months, until finally I heard they were going to a concert in Jakarta. I was very excited to hear that news, but the ticket has run out within 4 days when I just got the money to buy it. I hope Im given a chance to watch Fazerdaze concert, even I will do anything for that.

  19. Rayhan Falah Reply

    if i get this, im willing to leave my internship in Kalimantan for sing along with amelia murray at rossi even tho it cause me lil problem lol.
    Fazerdaze is really something and is a must watch at least one time in life. IMO fazerdaze deserve a bigger venue than Rossi, but its fine at least they want to jamming in Indo.

    Back then before the soldout announcement, my friend try to seduce me to buy the tix early cos it will SoldOut soon. but i ignore it, i think the ticket still availlable at least for 6 days.
    and than i look at 630recs ig story saying that only 3 tix left. im straightly open the goers app to book a tix, when i press to book a tix, its loading for a sec…. and “tadaaa” (you know what happen)
    Indo have so many hipsters yaa.. (Shock cos cant book a tix)

    My friends from Solo texting me saying that the ticket is sold out and he luckily get the ticket just now.
    So the ticket that i want to book is taken by my pals…. #miris
    Shit happens to me….

    Las but not least i get my lesson that day “if you can do it right now, why must later”
    i hope u guys pick me as the lucky fans to get the giveaway tix, he keep taunting me cos he had the ticket.

    #KeepBelieving #LuckyFans #FazerdazeJkt

  20. Difen L Haradini Reply

    why I should win dat tix, simply bcs u guys giving away dat ticket, right?
    I’ve been following Amelia Murray since Morningside Album was launched. But, somehow the first time I heard Lucky Girl, when she thinks that she is the lucky girl, I felt like, “I have to be her lucky boy.”
    And here’s my story ’bout why I have to win this giveaway.
    Last week I tried to order some tickets, for me and my friends too. It was all goin’ well ’till I had to pay the tickets via transfer payment, the ATM I used to pay didn’t want to send my money 🙁
    Then I tried the other machine and still didn’t want to send my money, ’till the tickets had been sold out :((
    So please, choose me as the luckiest one who win dat tix, for being getting closer to Amelia Murray.

  21. Fazerdaze one of a cool indie-pop band in my opinion! I just fall in love with Amelia Murray, her face like a mixed between NZ & ID. I’ll feel so bad if I can’t win the ticket.

  22. Hmm,

    Ya udah jelas aku kasi comment karena mau tiketnya, haha. Sebenernya tadi nya mau beli tiketnya, udah nabung. Dan tiba-tiba aja sold out.
    Pengen banget nonton karena jujur aja mereka jtu salah satu grup dreampop/shoegaze pertama yg aku denger.
    Salah satu yg lainnya, ada mantan kecengan (udah kecengan, mantan lagi) yg nonton (2 orang lho mantan kecengannya). Ya pengen nonton biar aku terlihat indie buat mereka, hahaha.

    Peace out.

  23. Aprila Adha Reply

    Alasan saya kenapa harus mendapat tiket giveaway dari @thedisplaynet karena saya termasuk dari orang – orang yang terlambat untuk membeli tiket Fazerdaze yang akan melangsungkan pertujukanya pada 21 Oktober di venue yang sebagian penggemar musik khususnya jabodetabek pasti mentetahui space venue bermusik ini yaitu Rossi Musik, saya terlambat karena begitu antusiasnya kawan pencinta musik yang disuguhkan oleh Fazerdaze yang mungkin kita ketahui pentolan dari Fazerdaze ini merupakan seorang yang memiliki darah keterunan Indonesia, jadi saya sangat berharap bisa mendapatkan tiket giveaway ini karena sampai sekarang tak kunjung ada pemberitahuan tentang informasi tiket mungkin karena jumlah venue yang dibatasi maka dari itu jika saya mendapatkan tiket giveaway ini saya merupakan orang yang paling beruntung karena dia ini sebuah Moment bisa menyaksikan langsung penampilan dari musisi favorit saya yaitu Fazedaze pengusung genre dreampop ini yaitu yang lebih umum mungkin orang bisa bilang musik Indie karena dari itu saya berharap sekali bisa mendapatkan tiket giveaway ini karena Moment itu tidak bisa diulang maka dari itu saya sangat berharap mendapatkan sebelum terimakasih untuk @thedisplaynet, @studi0rama, @630recs and @noisewhore sebagai penyelenggara Fazerdaze tour Jakarta maaf saya menggunakan bahasa Indonesia karena saya akui kemampuan saya dalam berbahasa Inggris kurang begitu baik, jadi lebih baik berbahasa Indonesia dari pada mentranslate karena belum tentu artinya bisa dimengerti maka dari itu saya sangat berharap bisa mendapatkan tiket giveaway ini

  24. I’ve been following her music career since her first EP. It never ceases to amaze me how talented Amelia is. Her music means so much to me, I would be a lucky girl if I got the ticket.

  25. ya halo wah wah wah yang komentar sudah banyak dan pada pintar berbahasa inggris eee tapi ko banyak cowonya 🙁 memang yha mba murray tuh yha duh duh duh

    ya ya ya kenapa ya saya harus dapat tiketnya ya sy ga bisa janji ngasih apa-apa ke the display sih sebagai imbal baliknya ya tapi namanya giveaway sy akan berusaha tuk menulis alasan kenapa harus milih saya ya ya ya gini gini anu ya duh maap-maap semuanya suhu-suhu yang ada disini jadi saya pertama kali mengenal si mba murray dkk tuch dari kanal u tubenya thelazylazyme nah abis tu sy melanjutkan gerilya di facebook pages mereka dlm rangka mengorder cassette ep mereka ee tapi ee namanya beloman rejeki yakanya ternyata udh sold out sedih bgt (ya ga si biasa aja soalnya ongkir sm harga kaset kok mahal ongkir hmmmb) oke oke next next lanjut setelah itu sy mulai menyebarkeun suara lemes mba murray ni ke manteman dekat sy dan selang beberapa bulan gt ternyata udh banya org indon yg kenal suka bgt pokoke luvluv mengutip kalimat karma records musik bagus harus disebarkeun~~

    ya ya terus kemaren kan manteman studi0rama, 630recs, dan noisewhore nih merespon hype yg sangat cepat dan ciamik dan lalu dibuatkenlah konser wat mba murray dkk ni di jkt ya terus saya ya helooooww masa w ga nonton nich ya my almighty lord etapiii ternyata yaampon ada pengeluaran mendadak tuk perihal akademis sy ya sy relakanlah tabungan tuk nonton mba murray tu 🙁

    ya ya ya malah curhat y sy ya.. ya pokoknya mah yg penting selamat ulang tahun yang pertama dech bwat the display, harapannya sih ya semoga berita muatan the display ni bisa menggeser headline news sing ora ceto pisan di line today.
    HBD the display, nda dapet giveawaynya jg nga papa lhawong namanya jg giveaway. btw makasih thedisplay saran sy tuk bikin giveaway tiket fazerdaze dipenuhi wgwgw salam seni dan lain-lain mucho luv

  26. Happy birthday thedisplaynet!

    You should pick me as a winner ’cause, well, I’ve sent her DMs a long time ago and tell her to make a show in Indonesia so that I can meet her in person. Now my wish has come true and I haven’t got my hands on the ticket:( This is the only chance I can get a single ticket for the long awaited show. Wish me luck

  27. Andrian Hari Lukito Reply

    Dulu Sebenernya rada rada gapercaya ada band band macam nothing turnover dan fazerdaze dateng kejakarta, eh ternyata ada promotor yang berani buat datengin mereka. Sampe saat ini cuma dapet tiket pas nothing aja, selebihnya turnover dan fazerdaze kehabisan😢😢😢😢.
    Tanggalnya ga cocok sama tanggal gajian huhu, giliran udah ada uang eh tiketnya abis. Gue suka banget fazerdaze sejak awal tahun 2017. Lebih suka lagi beach fossils dan diiv atau magic potion. Semoga kalian bisa datengin mereka ke jakarta, dan semoga gakehabisan tiket lagi. Dan semoga dapet tiket give away buat nonton fazerdaze, siapa sih yang gamau tiket gratis pas lo kehabisan tiket. Semoga saya beruntung😂

  28. So it started on 2016, when I discovered her music on youtube and then fell in love with her beautiful yet soft voice.

    I listen to Morningside like every morning to get myself ready. I really enjoy every single words that came out from her heart.

    I was super excited when I heard about Fazerdaze live in jakarta last month. I waited for the pricelist, yet when it comes out I ran out of tickets :((

    I know it is little uneasy to win this giveaway from the display net, but who knows that I’m actually a lucky girl who get a chance to sing along with Murray?

  29. ahmad syafiq Reply

    After jamming her ‘morningside’, i want Amelia to sing me the ‘last to sleep’ song before the night ends cause it will completed my night.

    Blessed me, The Display.

  30. I do not know how to say this, but I’m so really really want to see firsthand how wonderful Mrs. Murray while sing her amazing songs and her beauty while playing a guitar on little place at Jakarta. Hope you guys picked me up, regards.

  31. Aji Maulana Reply

    Pengen banget liat Amelia Murray secara langsung. Pengen juga ngerasain Dream Pop Fazerdaze yang sebegitu enak didengernya, apalagi secara langsung! Amiiin…

  32. sebenernya baru dengerin mbak Amel ini baru beberapa bulan yang lalu di youtube. jadi waktu itu lagi dengerin CAS terus tetiba terputarlah Lucky Girl-nya mbak Amel ini dengan sendirinya. lalu terjadilah jatuh cinta pada pendengaran pertama. dan sejak saat itu lah gw putuskan untuk mendengarkan-nya lagi dan lagi. ya walaupun gak sering sering amat juga sih. hahahah

    jadi kenapa The Display harus milih gw. ya kerena eh karena tiketnya yang udah abis duluan dan kalo dapet giveaway kan lumayan tuh, jadi bisa di alokasikan ke merch yang di jual disana. heheheh dan ya itu tadi karena lagi jatuh cinta sama mbak Amel jadi dimohon bantuannya, ya walaupun belum cinta cinta banget sih (ya kali aja nanti pas dapet giveaway-nya jadi cinta banget gitu kan sama mbak Amel atau mungkin malah berpaling ke The Display cintanya). kalau pun gak dapet giveaway-nya juga gak apa apa sih. ya namanya juga belum jodoh, apa hedak dikata. hahahahh

  33. Cause i love fazerdaze, amelia murray.
    Terimakasoh buat thedisplay.net sama semua pihak yg terlibat di acara ini sukses!

  34. Muhammad priambudi Reply

    Saya mau givewaynya karena saya mau menyatakan cinta ke Amelia Murray

  35. Just like Amelia Murray said, I wish I’m a Lucky Girl untuk mengembalikan nasib gue yang kehabisan tiket untuk mendengar Lucky Girl secara Live! The day tiket konser Fazerdaze udah bisa dibeli online, di saat itu juga gue lagi bangkrut karena banyak hal mendesak. Padahal gue juga udah spare tabungan gue buat beli tiket. Tapi waktu itu gue coba untuk sabar karena beberapa hari lagi gajian dan saat waktu itu datang… ternyata tiket udah SOLD OUT. Super saaaad karena udah gak ada yang jual lagi. So, dengan ikutan kuis ini semoga the bad day turns into the lucky day for me!

  36. Bagus Chandra Reply

    Saya harus dapet tiket ini karena saya adalah saudaranya setya novanto!! Never fail for fazerdaze because your music is so damn good 🙂

  37. Rikwan yuda Reply

    Saya ingin mendapatkan tiket ini karena mac demarco lah insoirasi Fazerdaze jadi saya ingin mendapatkan tiket ini karena saya ingin menonton secara langsung band hasil inspirasi dari macdemarco ini. Jikat tak dapet yasudaa rejeki gak akan kemana

  38. Kenapa harus menang? Karena aku mirip Amelia Murray. Kayanya jodoh. Coba bantu didekatkan…


  39. Fazerdaze, bentuk dari penetrasi budaya barat atau biasa disebut ngak ngek ngok, karena Didi Kempot adalah keniscayaan dan sebuah warisan budaya yang patut dilindungi UNESCO. Kalau dapet tiket syukur alhamdulilah bisa menambah riwayat nge”INDIE”, agar CV saya bisa sedikit lebih baik jikalau saya kelak mendaftar jadi soundman dari fazerdaze. Dank je wel

  40. Dear Thedisplaynet,

    I wish this comment finds you well.

    The moment I knew that Fazerdaze’s tickets were all sold out, I was hoping the whole day to at least find any chances I may still have to watch and enjoy them playing live before my eyes. The very next day, two friend of mine who knows me pretty well for how I deeply adore Fazerdaze (especially Amelia—like, who doesn’t?!) sent me a screen-captured of your Giveaway. I was so excited I can’t help but singing and listening to all Fazerdaze’s songs the entire day as if I chosen as your ‘lucky girl’ and prepared my best for coming to their concert. First, I came-up with the idea of simple statement that I deserve to win the ticket (just) because I’m the lucky girl until I find out all people was doing the same… Then I consider plan B was much more challenging, as I tried to make a connection and build a linkage from any relatable song titles from the Morningside album….which turns out great but has been preceded by one above or two.
    So here I am, pouring a comment of how I really want to win your heart–and ticket! of course, through a solemn poem I recently typed;

    is rain now,
    It is rain then,
    I was hoping to singing their songs
    Loudly and well,
    It is crowded now,
    It is crowded then,
    Oh how I wish I’m going somewhere,
    It is pretty now,
    It is pretty then,
    As I aim to screaming back at you,
    ‘I see you there!’

    May your day be filled with joy.
    Yours truly,



  42. Arya Danurdoro Reply

    Mengapa saya harus dapet tiket ini?

    Awalnya saya ga jadi nonton Fazerdaze karena adanya UTS,yap ULANGAN TENGAH SEMESTER,sehingga saya harus fokus uts.Sialnya,UTS tersebut dimajukan,lalu saya mulai ngumpulin duit buat beli tiket dan setelah duit terkumpul sialnya lagi malah SOLD OUT :(((((. Dan giveaway inilah satu2nya cara agar saya dapet tiket dan bisa nonton FAZERDAZEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Bcs in the morningside i wanna see this kiwi’s indie darling and this little uneasy to get this giveaway but i will take it slow and i don’t wanna be bedroom talk bcs i will be last to sleep to get this giveaway

    -bang napi

  44. She’s pure and truly insane. Listening on her song it seems like alive and dying at the same time. Don’t you feel like that? But ups all ticket have been sold. Almost cried until i found you thedisplaynet. Would you like to give me a thunderstorm on this month? Happy birthday to you 💥🎂🍻

  45. -I wish I'm the lucky boy-

    Fitur ‘Rekomendasi Untukmu’ Youtube mengenalkan saya kepada Fazerdaze. Itu adalah waktu di mana saya menonton banyak video Alvvays sebelum album Antisocialites rilis. Klip video ‘Lucky Girl’ dengan thumbnail ikonik itu muncul meski tidak langsung saya klik. Saya tahu saya kelelahan akibat keranjingan Molly Rankin, maka penting untuk saya coba cari variasi musik lain. Awalnya saya kira Fazerdaze paling-paling tidak lebih daripada penyanyi Korea yang gagal menembus girl band lalu memutuskan solo karir. Namun, setelah saya memutar video itu, dengan cepat Fazerdaze merebut hati saya dari Molly. Saya ingat tanggalnya: 16 Juni 2017.

    Di kolom komentar sudah banyak yang menyanjung musik Fazerdaze. Sedangkan warganet Indonesia berlaku seperti bagaimana mestinya terkait segala sesuatu yang terkait Indonesia di internet. Ah iya, saya orang yang menulis: “Kepada pemerintah, mohon naturalisasi Fazerdaze menjadi orang Indonesia! wkwk” di kolom komentar video yang diunggah Flying Nun Records, bukan Groenland Records yang ditonton jutaan orang itu. Sungguh tipe warganet yang norak.

    Dua hal penting yang membuat saya menyukai proyek musik Fazerdaze ini adalah musik indiepop yang diproduksi dari kamar secara brilian dan Amelia Murray itu sendiri. Entah mengapa saya mudah gandrung dengan band indiepop dengan vokal perempuan, saya bisa sebutkan: Veronica Falls, Alvvays, VARSITY, Colours Me Wednesday, dan fenomena lokal Grrrl Gang. DItambah pula, Fazerdaze merekam mayoritas materi Mornigside dari kamarnya di Auckland. Lengkap dengan mikrofon yang rusak, katanya. Saya kagum dengan setiap musisi yang mengemas bedroom music secara konseptual semenjak menulis topik ini untuk pembuatan berita. Untuk kancah lokal, Bottlesmoker terdepan dalam urusan ini.

    Bohong kalau menyebut sosok Amelia Murray tidak menjadi daya tarik. Siapa pula yang bisa menampik? Seseorang di 630recordings saja sambil terkekeh bilang begini kepada Rolling Stones, “Kami suka Fazerdaze dari segi musik dan paras haha”. Ibunya yang berkewarganegaraan Indonesia membuat wajah Amelia begitu familiar. Saya sempat bergumam kepada teman, “Wahh ini sih banyak yang gayanya begini di kampus, tapi bedanya wajah Fazerdaze enggak suntuk sama macet Jakarta!”. Dia tertawa, meski harus heran bagaimana mungkin saya bisa menemukan musisi independen dan dari Selandia Baru pula! Hah, beruntungnya Fazerdaze tinggal di negara yang selalu masuk daftar negara paling damai dan aman di dunia. Sebuah poin yang mungkin turut menentukan parasnya.

    David Farrier menulis kisah Fazerdaze dengan apik untuk Spin Off. Betapa Fazerdaze digambarkan sebagai gadis introver yang melakukan banyak hal hanya di kamarnya, termasuk urusan bermusik. Betapa Fazerdaze bisa meraih banyak hal yang dahulu dia perjuangkan, seperti membuka konser Frankie Cosmos, menjadi roster penting Flying Nun Records, dan membuat bedroom music bergairah lagi. Betapa musik mampu menyelamatkan hidup Amelia Murray yang tidak sepenuhnya mudah karena kurang harmonisnya suasana keluarga. Dari fakta-fakta di berita tersebut, musik Fazerdaze bukan lagi sekadar dream pop yang disajikan perempuan cantik, tapi banyak nilai yang bisa saya ambil: Tentang tidak apa-apa menjadi introver, terus berjuang mandiri meraih apa yang diharapkan, dan mampu berdamai dengan kondisi yang tidak melulu mengenakkan.

    Saya salut dengan konsistensi Fazerdaze melakukan itu semua. Dia kerap merespon setiap mention yang masuk (dan saya mendapat dua likes), bahkan bukan melulu tentang proyek musiknya. Dia rela membantu pengerjaan tugas kuliah seseorang, memberi masukan untuk proyek musik kamar orang lain, atau sekadar mengungkapkan bahwa dia sangat suka masakan Indonesia buatan ibunya.

    Konser di Rossi Fatmawati nanti mestinya begitu spesial secara personal untuk Amelia. Dia meletakan emoji cinta hanya untuk Indonesia saat mengumumkan destinasi tur Jepang dan Asia Tenggara. Akun @fazerdazeindo (bukan saya adminnya) mesti menyambut dengan suka cita konser pertama Amelia di Jakarta. Salut untuk Studiorama, noisewhore, dan 630 recordings yang mampu memberi jawaban atas beragam permintaan “Come to Indonesia!” warganet kepada Fazerdaze.

    Sedangkan saya hanya terus berdecak kagum dengan capaian-capaian Fazerdaze selepas rilisnya Morningside saat momen Records Store Day tahun ini. Fazerdaze memulai langkah menjadi garda depan entitas musik Selandia Baru, mendapat sokongan dari Iggy Pop, dan melakukan tur UK/Europe dua jilid plus debut di Jepang/Asia Tenggara (setelah dari Indonesia, dia gelar pertunjukan di Islandia!). Paling penting: Musik kamarnya memenuhi ruang kamar orang lain di banyak tempat di dunia.

    Jadi, mengapa saya layak mendapat tiket untuk konser Fazerdaze? Saya ingin secara langsung menjadi bagian konser emosional Fazerdaze yang pertama kali main di negara ibunya. Saya terbayangkan senyum malu-malu Amelia sembari perlahan menunduk selepas memainkan lagu, melihat sikap canggungnya atas konsekuensi sebagai gadis introver yang menghabiskan banyak waktu di dalam kamar, menyaksikan kekikukannya ditonton banyak orang, menikmati (barang kali) momen crowd surfing di lagu Lucky Girl & Misread, sekencang-kencangnya menyanyikan lagu Little Uneasy, Take It Slow, & Bedroom Talks yang anthemic, menantikan dia turun panggung seperti tiap kali menyanyikan tembang Treading Lightly, dan mendengar sapaannya dalam bahasa Indonesia.

    Mungkin terasa berlebihan, tapi saya yakin konser nanti merupakan momen bersejarah bagi karier bermusik Amelia Murray. Untuk pertama kalinya dia main di Indonesia, negara asal ibunya yang sewaktu-waktu dia tunjukan kebersamaannya di Instagram Stories. Mungkin nanti ada konser Fazerdaze selanjutnya di Indonesia, entah di festival musik internasional musim panas atau konser di lembah perkemahan dikelilingi pohon pinus. Namun saya percaya kalau momen pertama selalu memberi kesan berbeda dan paling istimewa!

    I wish I’ll be lucky boy who taking a part in the Lucky Girl’s historical concert! God bless us.

  46. why you guys have to choose me? cause, who doesn’t want to be the winner!? first of all, the whole morningside album just felt so gooooodddd~ and bcs of dat i wanna thank Amelia Murray in person. so please just choose me, k? i wanna be dat one lucky girl~

  47. Berhubung dengan meningkatnya harga tiket batalan yg cukup melonjak tinggi, perlu adanya penyesuaian harapan untuk bertatap dg mba amel walaupun gadireqen yo gapopo hhh. terimakasih displaynet uhui

  48. Arya Palastra Reply

    You should pick me since I’ve been a big fan of Fazerdaze ever since I bought her EP and put it on repeat. Then her most recent album, Morningside, dropped and it was such a great record. It would be a great opportunity for me to finally be able to see Fazerdaze live. I mean it. It would be the time of my life.

  49. I will be flying from KL to watch Amelia and I want to bring my boyfriend as a birthday treat. I’m already a “Lucky Girl” with him, but I will be a luckier girl girl girl girl girl girl girl if I get to catch Amelia Murray and her red racer Fender Mustang. We’re both huge fans and constantly have “Bedroom Talks” of seeing her perform. I am feeling a “Little Uneasy” because I know the tickets are sold out. So please the display, I am “Tired of Waiting” in vain, help me get the tickets! I know I have “Zero” to no chance of winning, but maybe luck is on our “Shoulders”.

  50. Muhammad Irfan Akbar Pratama Reply

    I love Fazerdaze and her music, she’s my everyday-mood-booster. Thank you for bring Fazerdaze to Jakarta! I think this show is gonna be cool, I want to enjoy the atmosphere there, and sing along with other people (as this is your anniversary celebration). If you guys pick me I’ll definitely go there all the way from Bandung.

    ps: I’m not a girl but I hope I’m gonna be the lucky one;p

  51. Nugroho Amar Reply

    For no reason at all

    I Love the Display, but my main reason is because I ain’t got no ticket, it just ran out so fast, plus it was so goddamn expensive (at least for me who come from a lower middle class). So yeah, free ticket, why not

  52. the reason why I need to meet this New Zealand girl is because she is my role model in music. started from 2015, she released her first album and I automatically liked it. the song that I like the most is “tired of waiting” because that sonh describes my feelinng really well ” I think i’m tired of waiting for you. Are talking ’bout hours falling down the drain~~~~. and my ambition and dream to sing live with Fazerdaze. lastly, thanks for @thedisplaynet @studi0rama @630recs and @noisewhore of giveaway, I really hope I can win this giveaway!!!

  53. Pertama kali kenal fazerdaze dari cowo aku, dia bener2 amazed sama fazerdaze dan aku jadi penasaran. Dan benar saja, Amelia Murray emang keren banget, kagum sama lagu yg dia ciptain di fazerdaze, asik banget. So please mate, let me be the lucky girl who can watch fazerdaze concert this October. I’m begging :'(

  54. “Mbak Ayu!” if I do not misread the information about Amelia Murray’s middle name, Rahayu. If I win, I will shout out her middle name during a live concert, she deserves to be warmly welcomed in the land of her ancestors, Indonesia. Because as she has been talking through her song, she really is a lucky girl

    And I will be lucky enough if I can see her first concert in Jakarta, an experience of a lifetime “mbak Ayu!”

  55. Avol Yapper Reply

    I Love everything about Amelia, She’s smart, creative and also beautiful, and become my Internet Crush for the last one year, her music was my soundtrack back when I was in College tried to finished my Essay and until now I’ve got my first job, and got my first salary to buy the ticket but the ticket was already sold out, man that’s really break my heart 🙁 , so please pick me, I want to see my Internet Crush for the first time and maybe cry a little because that’s tears of happiness :’)

  56. One evening at work when my boss wasn’t looking, I opened Youtube on my browser and immersed myself in a plethora of fail videos and cringe compilations. It had been a long day and I needed a short retreat from the grind. I figured some music could lessen my fatigue, and I started clicking on recommended videos, delving deeper into video clip upon video clip from bands, some familiar, others which I ‘d never heard of.

    One video on the right caught my eye. The thumbnail showed a smiling girl looking down in what seemed like a sunny background.


    Hm, pretty catchy name, I thought. I clicked the video. It turned out to be the best musical discovery I’d had in months.

    The crisp opening riff, JennyLee-esque bassline and easy-on-the-ears drums synced together with the pastel-filtered visuals, creating a feeling of nostalgia below my solar plexus. I knew the feeling. I’d felt it before…somewhere, sometime. When was it? Ah yes, it was the feeling I’d felt in my teens the first time i saw the video clip to The Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979.” Both songs have intros that get you hooked on the song from the first second, both intros have creative bass lines, and both videos paint a nostalgic picture of suburbia, an ode to Chicago and Morningside, respectively. A tall musical accomplishment to compare to, but the vibes were eerily similar.


    A sense of eeriness and awkwardness, remembering childhood pastimes and hangout spots, chilling out with friends, doing nothing and being stupid, feeling a bit alienated from the rest of your schoolmates because nobody understood you and why you didn’t like Boyz II Men or Linkin Park or Coldplay or The Chainsmokers, depending on when you were born, when all you wanted was for people to understand that there was so much more to music, to art, to life then what you see at first glance, except it wasn’t, because being the odd one out oddly made you feel so cool and sophisticated. Just you watch, you thought. Just you watch and see who’ll be cool and hip when the summer ends and we hit college. I’ll make it big with my garage band and you’ll be flipping mystery meat patties at the McDonaghue’s or Furger King at the rest area off the freeway, and maybe when I’m passing through town on my world tour, I’ll have you fix me a veggie burger and give you a tip.

    And then you graduated, got an MBa, and landed a 9 to 5 at a Looneylever subsidiary.

    But beneath the shiny electronic name tag and family dental plan, you can’t help but wonder; what if you really had made it big? What if you really had made it big? What if you saved up those first few bucks from your summer job and bought yourself a Focusrite and a decent mic? Those guys never made it big, you thought. And that’s why you traded in your Chuck Taylors for faux leather slip-ons.

    But Fazerdaze? Those guys from an island nation out in the Pacific, where Hobbits reportedly live, not from Paris, Silver Lake, or East Village? That girl who realized that the Fender Bassman is cool, but a small metal box plugged to the back of her PC in her bedroom could be the big ticket for her and her band? That band that might or might not have swallowed their envy when their friends were climbing up their career ladders while they were shooting videos for their Youtube channel which had a few hundred subscribers?

    They made it.

    And now, as Amelia returns to her ancestral home, on the wave of the success garnered from the audial concoction she perfected in her bedroom, I wish to be there. I wish to bear witness when the circle completes itself. A homecoming of sorts, accomplished through their own work. I want to believe. No, I believe, yet I need to see with my own eyes, that the dream is possible, the beauty is attainable, that we each have something worth singing about if we just look deep enough into ourselves. I want to be there and welcome them, a living dream in the waking world, and say,

    Selamat datang, Fazerdaze.

  57. Lukman Nugraha Reply

    I really love the art of music, especially indie music. And seeing amelia directly is one of my goals in life. So please pick me 🙂

  58. I want to win the give away ticket of fazerdaze, cause if I got it I will give this ticket to my gurl. she’s very excited when studiorama announced that ms. Amelia come to indonesia, and want to go there. but when she will buy the ticket, she’s shocked cause the ticket was sold out! and its make her feeling so sad… cause that if you gave me the ticket, i will gifting the special ticket to my girl and make her feeling happy again 😂😂😂

  59. Aji Pangestu Reply

    I love fazerdaze since first time I heard them!! Then I bought her debut album (in cassette format) and I wish Amelia Murray would sign it. So please the display pick me as the lucky ones.

  60. Karena si mba NZ dteng pas bgt lagi ulang tahun gw 21 okt, dan nabrak sama outting kantor gw ke bogor (pdhl perusahaan penerbngan outing ke bogor #ironi), aslii gw bakal cabut dri persami bogor klo dpt nih tiket fazerdaze!

  61. i don’t know if i’ve been living under a rock, but i’ve never heard fazerdaze’s music. yet i see that everyone loves and speak highly of her. like, she’s everyone’s indie darling,
    “her music is great and her personality so fucking cool in general, i love her aura…” and i was like “err okay,” even one of my friend said “idk but listening to her music transports me to a place no form of transport ever could,” (ha! i guess i don’t need ojeg online anymore), so on so on… and then the curiosity to start collecting 10mm grows stronger (lol)

    so yeah, dear The Display, one ticket to show me where i’m wrong, maybe? 😉

  62. CHOOSE ME!
    Karena ane ga ada duit dan eventnya pun bukan awal bulan huhu. Kalo harus beli tiket konser sama transport dari mlg ke jkt hmmm pulang2 ke mlg ga bisa makan dong. Uda badan kurus malah kurus ntar haha. Buat Tim The Display, biarlah ane ketemu sm mba Amel plis plis plis😭

  63. Lintang Prasetyo Reply

    I am a fan of dream pop. Fazerdaze reminds me of some tunes from sub pop. So catchy and good. I wanna see them live with friend and sing a long, so I’m so glad of you guys give me the ticket.

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