American Made Movie ReviewReview: “American Made” Chronicles Exciting Biopic with Tom Cruise As Its Center

Rating: 7.5/10

Biopic movies sometimes is wrapped on a semi-serious tone with lots of drama inserted in historical events. This time, “American Made” is a biopic dedicated to real-life American pilot in the 80’s named Barry Seal played by Tom Cruise. Directed by Doug Liman who brought you the epic “Edge of Tomorrow”, the film showcases that hero does not always look like what it seems on the outside. Barry Seal was a highly skilled pilot and also an opportunist, which led him to work against the system. Every chance that came to his life worked as a gift and also a curse. After retired from his profession, he worked to move contraband. Started out with something simple, he then got involved in international cartel. He led a double life without his beloved wife Lucy (Sarah Wright Olsen) knew about his illegal affairs.

American Made Movie Review
Barry Seal and his wife, Lucy

In this film, we were told about the wheel of life and how your life could go up and down in a second. Barry Seal was later recruited as an CIA Agent to run the biggest cover operation in U.S. history by keep doing his illegal trading. That is the coolest and most dangerous job description ever. The film was fun and emotionally driven. In the beginning, the plot might be a little bit boring but from the middle towards the end, the director was successful in building the mood and climax in the movie. It has interesting plot twist which we would not spill here, and cinematography technique using handheld camera following the motion of the characters candidly. It has a bitter ending, however, it should not escape you that this film is worth to watch. “American Made” is now screening in theaters across the country.

Reviewer: Intan Maharani/Editor: Novita Widia