Noh Salleh Angin Kencang Repackage AlbumMalaysian Singer, Noh Salleh Releases Album “Angin Kencang” for Indonesian Market

Noh Salleh, Malaysian singer originated from Serawak has graced Indonesian market with a repackage version of his album. The mini album titled “Angin Kencang” which was released three years ago is now added with more songs to make it a full album especially marketed in Indonesia. Through a press rilis the 32-year-old singer said that he was grateful for Indonesian people support towards his music. “This will be my first physical release in Indonesia. This becomes a sign that I’m ready for Indonesia. Because you guys are very lovely and very accepting to my work here,” he added. Noh Salleh is known as the member of rock group, Hujan. In 2014, he decided to launch his solo career by making softer music which tends to sound like vintage pop mixed with folk. The lead single “Angin Kencang” will be included in this repackaged album as well as four more songs. All the songs were produced by Adink Permana who is the keyboardist of Sore, and in this album he was assisted by Indonesian musicians to fill in the instruments and soul in his music.

The lead single from the additional songs is a track called “Renjana”. The song is based on a poem created by Rahne Putri which was then transformed into music by Noh Salleh. The two met through MySpace and Noh adored her poetry musicalization that he found on her page. The two then accidentally met in a gig, when they exchanged admiration towards one another and long story short, her poem became a song which we can listen to today. Noh admitted that this song is different than his previous ones for its dark vibe. The dramatic song is a great collaboration between the two artists from two countries. The “Angin Kencang” CD with different package from the old one is ready to be purchased since 28 August 2017 through Noh Salleh’s Instagram. Later on, it will be distributed on various record stores across the country. Enjoy his new single “Renjana” below as well.