Cults - Offering artwork
Cults – Offering artwork
Cults are gearing up for new album & an upcoming show in Indonesia

Cults are an American indie rock band which was famous in 2010s. Formed by Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion, the duo gained fame with their debut EP “Cults 7”. They have just announced their return to the music scene after five years of hiatus. Their upcoming record titled “Offering” is slated to be out in October via Sinderlyn. First of all, they have released a single called “Offering”. The single is an attempt from Cults to bring optimism in a hopeless situation. Through a press release cited on Stereogum, Madeline Follin explains about the meaning of the song, “We were trying to make a jam about finding hope in what can seem like a hopeless situation. It’s hard these days to feel like you’re being heard, or like the people who might hear you care enough to look outside themselves and help you.”

Soundrenaline 2017 poster
Soundrenaline 2017 poster

Their second single has just been released and it’s called “I Take Your Picture”. If their first one is a dreamy affair with lots of fleeting music instrument, this time the single will make you dance to it. ‘Tinge of blue, to the end, left our hearts, with regrets, I’m learning.’ It’s a daily struggle to try and stay open and available but it’s probs worth it. And you can dance to it!”, say Cults via Stereogum. Recently, they are also included in Soundrenaline 2017’s latest line-up. They join the long list of musicians who perform there like Mew, Dashboard Confessional and JET. For those who are unfamiliar with this band, you could listen to both new tracks below from their 11-track album. Book your ticket to Soundrenaline here to watch Cults live! For the latest update visit their social media; Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

I Took Your Picture