ARK Luas Terlentang SingleARK (Arek Kene) Reveal Satirical Single “Luas Terlentang”

Indonesia is known for its fertile land, abundant natural resource, which could last for generations to come. However, it is only an old tale to be told according to grunge act from Malang, ARK (Arek Kene). In conjunction with Indonesia’s 72nd Independence Day, ARK reveal the satirical single called “Luas Terlentang”. Not only an audio format, there is also a music video for this song which has been uploaded onto their Youtube account. Different from their usual full band format, this time the band try to go with acoustic route. “Luas Terlentang” was recorded at MonoHero Studio and mixed by MF Wafy. Just like what we said earlier, this song is an antithesis of what Indonesia’s state is like. Albeit having an abundant resources, it seems like the citizens are not affected by it since most people are still struggling to meet their ends. “Oddly, eventhough (the land is) fertile, it does not suffice those who live in it,” said Kabul, the frontman of ARK.

Explicitly stated on the lyrics, ARK thought that the reason behind this phenomena is the greediness of some individuals. They keep trying to be richer by milking out Indonesia’s rich resource and will not let anyone make the same fortune. The single is uploaded on ARK’s Soundcloud as well. A Javanese saying “gemah ripah loh jinawi” begins the song and throughout the track you can hear a hint of Javanese music. Kabul, Miqdad, Erik and Naufal have been in the music industry from 2013 but went through some member changes until they finally release this new single. In the future, ARK hope to launch their debut mini album at the end of this year. Check out their new single “Luas Terlentang” below and follow them on Instagram for the latest update.