Shewn Tease Moar EPShewn Tease Upcoming EP “Moar” with A Video Footage

Shewn as a project has been on hiatus lately with each members’ side projects, like Raveizal who is also a member of Beeswax, Afif who is active on Closure and Ekki who is the frontman of Whitenoir. Albeit busy with these projects, it does not make them forget about Shewn. Their debut EP “At Home Drowning” was released in 2015 and practically since then, the band haven’t put out any new material. They plan to release another EP this year before commencing the recording for their full lenght record. Shewn said that they want to stay true to their musical roots despite doing different genres on their personal projects. “Our new material compared to the old one is like the same book, but different chapter,” said Afif, the bassist of Shewn. Vino as the production team behind Shewn’s upcoming EP said that it will combine the characteristics of the members’ personal project without leaving Shewn’s own identity.

“The newest EP from Shewn is very exciting since it combines the projects from each personnel which is different, without forgetting the roots of Shewn from the beginning. Afif brings his material with post punk nuance a la Closure, and Raveizal gives his twinkle touch which is often found on Beeswax and Ekki will give Shewn his fuzzy guitar sound just like what he does on Whitenoir,” explains Vino. Aldian Ibanez, a videographer based in Malang created a video footage with super 8 form as a teaser for Shewn’s upcoming EP called “Moar”. It was uploaded on the band’s Instagram which you can check out below. Last year, the emo skramz unit have revealed the visual for their two singles “Sun/Shine” and “Old Place”. Can’t wait to listen to their new record!

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