Road To Soundrenaline Surabaya ReportRoad To Soundrenaline Surabaya Broke National Record with The Most Band Performances!

(8/12) Road To Soundrenaline celebration happened once again in the city of heroes, Surabaya on 12 and 13 August 2017 at Lapangan Kodam V Brawijaya Surabaya. On a press conference prior to the event, it was announced the band representative from Surabaya who will compete for a chance to perform at Soundrenaline 2017. Timeless, a rock band from Surabaya was chosen among 79 bands who have submitted their profiles to Go Ahead Challenge. “We feel honored to share the stage with other musicians from Indonesia. We do not feel better than them (other 78 bands), we just feel lucky for the support we received from our friends. Thanks a lot,” said Fajri Armansyah from Timeless. Along with the announcement, Adrian Soebono as the CEO of Level Tujuh, the organizer of Road To Soundrenaline Surabaya, explained that the event aimed to collect the finest talents in music and visual art to be exhibited in one place, that is Soundrenaline 2017. “There will be lots of collaborations, the music is certain, but all across Soundrenaline area, there will various collaborations, not only music. That’s why we call is as “The Power of People, United We Loud”, continued Adrian.

J.P. Patton from Kelompok Penerbang Roket also hinted about their collaboration with Glenn Fredly. “In making music, there is no limitation or boundaries for us. We respect musicians from another genre and it results in an idea to collaborate and make something out of the box and crazy. With Glenn, we will be all out and present a new surprise to prove our ‘craziness’,” he said. Starting out the event from 2PM until night, on 12 August band’s performances started out with Morganostic, Heavy Monster, Goodnight Electric, Timeless, Glenn Fredly, Kelompok Penerbang Roket and ended with Andra & The Backbone. On 13 August 2017, a special event was held which was a national record breaking for the most band performances at a time. From the target of 1,015 bands that were expected, a total of 1,094 bands show up to make the record came true. Those number were made up of 203 drummers, 498 guitarists, and 393 vocalists and finally the MURI Record was able to be broken. They performed two songs, “Rumah Kita” and “Kebyar Kebyar” by Gombloh led by Ari Lasso.

There was also marketplace that presented Surabaya’s local brands for F&B and apparels. Zilch Streetwear, Ouval Research, Mayster Clean, Dominion Store opened their booths for fashion and lifestyle tenants. While Izgara, Saychees, and Kombitiam satisfied the hungry and thirsty audience. The visual artists from Surabaya who competed on Mural Competition were Yoga Wahyu Prasetya, Dicko Pratama Rahmansyah, Ilham Goomar, and Deden Suprayogi HYNEDS. Road To Soundrenaline Surabaya managed to get us more pumped for Soundrenaline 2017.

Reporter: Bagus Widnyana/Editor: Novita Widia