Danilla "Aaa" SingleDanilla Gives A Refreshing New Tune on “Aaa”

Danilla aims to reveal her much anticipated sophomore album this year, and prior to that, we have heard the first single “Kalapuna”. In August, the songstress unveils another track called “Aaa” as a digital release and once again, it sounds rather different than what we heard from her first album. In “Aaa”, Danilla was in charge of many things including composing the whole song, playing the synths and electric piano. Her frequent collaborator and band player, Lafa Pratomo filled in the guitar and bass department, and Dimas Pradipta can be found on the drum department. If people often associate her songs to infuse both pop and jazz flair, then “Aaa” is a whole new exploration from the singer. Since the beginning, a prominent synth sound appeared with slow swingin’ drum and cymbals in the background. The slow number got more intense as it goes by, and a post-rock like instrumentation is inserted in the middle of the song with screeching guitar from Lafa.

Cited from an interview done by Media Indonesia last year, Danilla explained the song as a description of her nomadic life while staying in Jakarta. “There is a moment when my closest ones will miss me, while at the same time I still want to wander around,” she uttered. The song was recorded at Summit Studio and Ruang Waktu Music Lab. Aldi Nada Permana handled the mixing and mastering and Ananda Suryo photographed the artwork single, which looks similar to Kalapuna’s artwork minus the effect, filter, and edit. With the release of “Aaa”, Danilla wants to showcase her depth in composing music and songwriting. During her performance at Folk Music Festival 2017, she claimed that she wanted to make music to her heart’s desire instead of making music based on what people want to hear. We like the attitude of musicianship there, and her album is said to be coming out soon. Meanwhile, enjoy “Aaa” on several streaming services like Spotify below.