Popcon Inc Are Ready to Hold Popcon Asia 2017
Talkshow with Lala Timothy
Popcon Inc Are Ready to Hold Popcon Asia 2017 On 5-6 August 2017 This Weekend!

(8/2) Popcon Inc held a press conference at Hotel Sultan, Jakarta prior to Popcon Asia 2017 that is planned to be unveiled on 5 – 6 August 2017 at Jakarta Convention Center. The biggest international scale pop culture festival will host several exciting programs from creative workers starting from film, animation, comic, toys and games. Prominent figures have confirmed their attendance including three Power Rangers from various series. There will be Yoshi Sudarso, a stuntman and actor of Indonesian descent based in United States who plays the role of Blue Ranger on Power Rangers DinoCharge, his brother Peter Sudarso who plays Blue Ranger on Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Walter Jones as the Ranger Black on Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Series. Gavan legendary actor, Kenji Ohba also attended the press con with his predecessor Yuma Ishigaki.

During press conference, Chair of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission, Kak Seto, gave his feedback regarding Popcon as the platform for youth and children to explore their creativity as well as receiving donation from Popcon Asia 2017. Faza Meonk as the creator of popular comic, Si Juki, also explained about the latest progress of Si Juki The Movie. While director/producer, Lala Timothy, also introduced us to “Wiro Sableng 212” movie that will star Vino G. Bastian as the lead role, based on the comic book his father created. Besides the creative booths held by by various talents in the industry, this year Popcon Asia 2017 will also introduce Popcon Awards. Popcon Asia 2017 collaborate with Akademi Samali, Spektakel.id and Asosiasi Game Indonesi to honor creators in three different fields which are Games, Comic and Online Video. There will also be Pop Make Up Competition, Pop Cosplay Competition, SHF x POPCON Asia Toy Photography Competition, Jouchaku Challenge, Segede Gaban Collection Exhibition and Low Cosplay Competition.

Popcon Inc Are Ready to Hold Popcon Asia 2017
Kak Seto with Popcon Asia 2017 representative

“Popcon Asia are ready to give the best experience for the fans to meet their idols. Friendliness, chemistry, and intimacy between idols and fans that we build, would diminish the distance between those prolific figures,” added Grace Kusnadi, as the co-founder of Popcon Asia. The organizer also prepare Poppo Rush Games and Popcon app to make it easier to get to know this event. You could also join the competition by signing up here and the ticket for the 2-day-celebration could be bought for IDR95,000 (daily pass) or IDR170,000 (2-day-pass) through Kiostix. Feel the creative experience with Popcon Asia 2017!

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