Terpaksa Disko Skenario #1 Yogyakarta ReportTerpaksa Disko Was Successfully Held For The First Time at Taphouse Yogyakarta

Terpaksa Disko Skenario #1, a disco initiative held at Taphouse Beer Garden Yogyakarta has been successfully wrapped up. The event which was held on 21 July 2017 aimed to become a platform for creative workers, musicians and artists from various field of backgrounds to gather in a warm and friendly environment. The event presented DJs or setlist players as they said, who brought electronic music that the attendees could dance to. The collective held this event out of concern for music events in general, which mostly invited electronic musicians on the gigs or big events. In Yogyakarta, many musicians have shifted to electronic genre or insert the element of electronic in their music to keep updated with the latest trend. The event happened all night long and started from 8 PM and lasted until 3 AM on the next day.

Terpaksa Disko Skenario #1 Yogyakarta ReportTerpaksa Disko Skenario #1 was festive and packed with people from various group of age. Bowl offered his lo-fi house music to the audience and Danswigra who is also a drummer from Yogyakarta’s rock band FSTVLST inserted a local band’s setlist in his playlist. He collaborated with bandmate Rio Faradino who is an additional member of the same band. Senoda from Jam Malam Indonesia turned up the heat of the dancefloor with his disco house setlist. The dance craze did not seem to stop with Bosborot who took the center stage. He was the founder of Bandung’s based vinyl store, KeepKeepMusik and he played a pretty long setlist. Noor from Energy Room closed out the whole gig with his tech house numbers. Kolektif Terpaksa as the initiator marked the first edition of the gig as a success and they wanted to let people know that everyone has the same right to feel an enjoyable ambience of disco which is fused with rock elements. Disco is here to stay, and it will evolve overtime.