Song to Song Poster by Terrence MalickTerrence Malick Shines with “Song To Song”, A Dramatic Musical Love Affair

Move over “La La Land”, because Terrence Malick has produced a contender for the much loved musical piece with a movie called “Song To Song”. It is a film which fuses the genre of drama, musical and romance in a stunningly beautiful visual from Terrence Malick. “Song To Song” tells the story of two couples who are struggling in keeping their relationships afloat. Both couples are involved in a complicated affair. Faye(Rooney Mara) who is a lyricist has an affair with a music producer named Cook(Michael Fassbender). Little does he know that Faye also secretly involved in an affair with BV(Ryan Gosling).

Cook in the other hand, also dated a waitress named Rhonda(Natalie Portman). Cook and Rhonda, Cook and Faye, and Faye and BV do not seem too happy in the relationship they are in. The coming of a new character named Amanda(Cate Blanchett) in Faye’s life also added another complexity to her love story. It will remind you of the relationship both actors acted out in previous film, Carol. With lots of plots inserted in this movie, the audience have to watch carefully about the tidbits stories they serve. Since the pace of the scenes is quite fast, you will blink a second, then miss an opportunity to spot the link for the next plot.

Song to Song by Terrence MalickTerrence Malick cleverly shot the scenes from one couple to another, which left the audience hanging in the end. With the big names involved in this project, it is not hard to imagine that they all performed their best. The two-hour-and-nine-minute film has a stellar visual with a plot that might intrigue your curiosity. After all, all Terrence Malick movies seem to do something to our brains. Watch the trailer of “Song To Song” below.

Reviewer: Bonifasius Eiji/Editor: Novita Widia