Ikkubaru Newest Music Video of 'Chasing Your Shadow' Go Back to Bandung 80’s Vibes with Ikkubaru Newest Music Video of ‘Chasing Your Shadow’

It’s hard to keep pursuing love from someone who doesn’t love you back, but sometimes we’ll do it anyway. That is the heartbreaking story told­­ by Ikkubaru in their last music video for single ‘Chasing Your Shadow’. Originated from Bandung, the city pop band consisted of Muhammad Iqbal(vocal, keyboard, guitar), Rizki Firdausahlan(vocal, guitar), Muhammad Fauzi Rahman(bass), and Banon Gilang(drum).

‘Chasing Your Shadow’ music video was directed by Andi Gondi, a talented director from Jakarta. He said that the video story was actually based on one of Ikkubaru members’ personal life story. The female lead character was acted out by Karina Sokowati, an independent artist from Bandung. The video was set to have 80’s vibes, with architectural buildings from all around Bandung as the background. In the video, the female character was busy walking around the city catching the shadow of the man he loved with analog camera in her hand. In the background was Ikkubaru who was performing the song in a rooftop.

We thought that the director could do better for this music video, as we’d love to see a clear and stronger plot. There is one scene where the female lead and the man she loved met; the female was asking for a date. The man didn’t look interested while the female looked anxious.  This scene was followed by series of scene where the female walk around the city admiring scenery, taking some photos with her analog camera while listening to her walkman. The only clue we had that she had a man she loved was that one scene they met. If that scene wasn’t exist, we would think that this music video was about an art student walking  around the city taking some pictures for her project.

Ikkubaru Newest Music Video of 'Chasing Your Shadow' However, Andi Gondi did a good job in showing 80’s vibes. From the analog camera, walkman, to the choice of the female wardrobe (though we catch a glimpse of smartphone in the beginning of the video). The places chosen as background was beautiful as well. Bandung looks so much fun, artsy, and full of heritage. Chasing Your Shadow is a single from Ikkubaru’s album ‘Amusement Park’. The album was released in two country, Indonesia and Japan. The album was distributed by Hope You Smile Records in Japan (2014) and by Misashi Records and Monolite Records in Indonesia (2017). Ikkubaru will release a new single in Japan this year, followed by a tour in some cities in the land of Sakura.

Writer: Jatrifia Ramadhani


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