Yacko Hands Off Music VideoYacko Tells You to Keep Your “Hands Off” in This Fierce Music Video

Yacko is one of the women that is included in our #WomanCrushEveryday list and it seems like she is going to hold that position for a long time with the release of “Hands Off”. The single which was produced in collaboration with Mardial gets its own music video which was premiered on 21 July 2017. Directed by Jovan Arvisco and PRINCEFILMS, the visual for the hiphop track starts off with footage and sampling that voices out inequality and harassment that women often face. The 37-year-old rapper then graces the scene with her ever amazing clique. We could spot appearances from Yacko’s friends as well as inspirational women from Indonesia who are independent, talented, and do not need validation from others especially men to do their way of life. Ayu Utami, BunBun Melly, Daysee Santoso, Dyana Savina, Flo Hadjon, Kartika Jahja from Tika and The Dissidents, Nastasha Abigail and fellow female rapper Ramengvrl appeared on the video that has a strong street style vibe.

Yacko wants to send positive vibes and support for all the victims of street and sexual harassment, no matter how small it may look. In the female empowering anthem, Yacko talks about how women are often prejudiced by the society especially from the opposite sex. The rape culture has been normalized, so the victims rarely speak out and the perpetrators could walk freely and unashamed. “Hands Off” also talks about how girls also want to have fun by doing stage dives, crowd surfing or dancing in a party. Yacko wants the boys to support the weight as the girls stage dive, but strongly emphasize to watch where their hands go. The music video shows that women can be badass too and they own their bodies 100%. Watch “Hands Off” music video below.

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