Polka Wars Rangkum SinglePolka Wars Return with Astonishing Single “Rangkum”

The alternative rock band from Jakarta, Polka Wars finally revealed their latest single called “Rangkum” today with an epic visual to boost. The promotion for this single have been done and executed for quite some time using one of a kind method. Polka Wars held a photo exhibition in the last few months in conjunction with several events held in various cities across Indonesia. The photos which was compiled in a calendar-like format, encouraged the visitors of the event to tear a piece of the photographs. The piece contains a scratch-able code or link which you can use to listen to “Rangkum”. Obviously, this was a very unusual way to promote a song, since not many people would bother to do such things unless they are a huge fans of the band. Alas, the song and video for “Rangkum” is here now in all its glory. Starring Al Imran Karim as the main cast of the video, Polka Wars interpret the single in such artistic way.

The video took place at Jakarta’s urban area and features a choreographed movements from the lead cast. He danced his way to a place with a twist you might not expect. “Rangkum” music video was directed by Xandega Tahajuansya and Agung Pambudi and you can spot several familiar faces as the cameo in this one. Including appearances from Ade Paloh of Sore, Daffa Andika of Kolibri Records, senior actor Egi Fedly and many more. Unlike their previous songs, Polka Wars experiment to sing their song in Indonesian. It might take a while to get used to it, but “Rangkum” is a great way to start preparing for their upcoming album “EPNY”. The album will be out on 23 August 2017 via Helat Tubruk label. You can already pre-order their album and watch the meaningful video for “Rangkum” below.