No Man's Land True To Myself Album Peek No Man’s Land Tenacious 7th Album “True To Myself”

Ain’t no rest for the wicked and certainly ain’t no rest for veteran punk rockers, No Man’s Land. The unit hailing from Malang have revealed their 7th studio album titled “True To Myself” on 22 July 2017. Just like what the band had planned earlier this year, the album was released through Dutch record label, Aggrobeat Records with the worldwide distribution done by Rusty Knife (France) and Has Been Mental (France). The album has 3 different format, with CD version for the international market, cassette tapes for Indonesian market and 12-inch vinyl that is planned to be released next year via Aggrobeat Records. Didit Samodra (vocal/guitar), Galih (guitar), Dharul (bass) and Tamtam (drum) still bring their Oi! spirit in this new album and it showcases honesty and determination from the band. A heaping 14 tracks can be found in this album and two singles have been out already titled “Unity In Diversity” and “True To Myself”.

No Man's Land True To Myself Album No Man’s Land keep maturing in their lyrics department thanks to Didit Samodra who reinvents new meaning to his life while he is getting older. “This song encourages us to act according to our belief and do what we believe is right. Not being fake or untrue. Because being true to ourselves need courage for self-introspection, being sincere, fair, and open,” said Didit about one of the song titled “True To Myself”. The 7th album from No Man’s Land touches various subjects, starting from personal experience of growing old, talking about their hometown, media control, as well as political and social issues in their surroundings. The band which has started their career since 1994 also elaborate their future plan which includes split vinyl release, and compilation album for their unreleased materials and cover album. “True To Myself” has been available at offline record stores across Indonesia and you could listen to their previous single for a little taste of this album through a music video created by Gaharu Jabal.

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