LSPR Commfest Treasure Market 2017 ReportLSPR Commfest “Treasure Market” 2017, A Haven for Thrift Shoppers

For people who love to splurge on secondhand items, then LSPR Communication Festival ‘Treasure Market 2017’ was a must visit event in Jakarta. The London School of Public Relations held the event which lasted for three days from 21 – 23 July at the 3rd floor of FX Sudirman. The bazaar did not only invite preloved fashion and lifestyle merchants, but there was also F&B bazaar with exciting music performances. The event was aimed to be the platform for LSPR communication students to create a commercial event which showcased their capability to work and function like a corporate. “All the students have succeeded in delivering a corporate and commercial scale event and we are very proud of it,” remarked Rizka Septiana, M.Si, IAPR as the PR lecturer of LSPR. The students handled the event professionally and we were impressed by the well organized tenants and visitors.

LSPR Commfest Treasure Market 2017 Report
Cosplay performers

The programs of the three-day-festival including Arts Exhibition and Talkshow, and different aspects from this whole festival were executed by different majors of study at LSPR. For example, Public Relations major handled the performance, bazaar and media partner while International Relations major worked on Talkshow. On the first day of the event, the main guest star was Fourtwnty, and on Saturday it was Abdul n Coffee Theory’s time to entertain the visitors. The last day performance belonged to Payung Teduh whose performance has been awaited by fans. Many people showed up for the guest stars and it impacted the sale of the vintage/preloved stuffs. The tenant offered affordable fashion and lifestyle items and with the support from Carousell as the secondhand marketplace, LSPR Commfest ‘Treasure Market’ 2017 was truly a haven for thrift shoppers. Customers could also bargain and got the items they desired at a very low price.

LSPR Commfest Treasure Market 2017 Report
Music performance

We could meet some fashion influencers there, like Luckyoetama, alvinlvins and many more. Besides the main guest stars we have mentioned above, we were also entertained by the music of Janitra Satriani, DJ FallZilla and We The Rave. We also had the chance to visit the F&B tenants and tasted some of the tasty menu there like waffle and thai tea. The event was free of charge, so a stream of youth were eagerly engrossed themselves in the sea of vintage bazaar and music.

Reporter: Audy Prasetya/Editor: Novita Widia