Indische Party Ingin Dekatmu Music VideoIndische Party Launch 3rd Single and Video for “Ingin Dekatmu”

After celebrating their 6th anniversary with an intimate concert, Indische Party also utilized the momentum to reveal their third single and video for “Ingin Dekatmu”. The track is taken from their sophomore album “ANALOG” and probably one of our most favorite track from the album. Different from the rocking vintage tune they usually delivered on previous singles like “Serigala” or “Khilaf”, “Ingin Dekatmu” showcases another mellow side of the band that we rarely hear. The song has been made available on digital streaming site like iTunes or Spotify. Another highlight from the new single is Tika Pramesti, the drummer of Indische Party sings in this one instead of Japs Shadiq. With the delicate and gentle sound with dreamy ambience, the song was arranged by Delicacy String Quartet and Indra Perkasa (of Tomorrow People Ensemble). “This song is like a breath of fresh air for the wild men who stage dived in front of Indische Party’s stage. Funnily, when we performed this song, they suddenly sang in a choir and turned into sweet and timid children. Hahaha,” said Japs Shadiq who wrote this song.

The video was produced by Narkobus Records and Rita Yossy with the help of Lola Amaria. It was directed by Rita Yossi and Fraulein Amalia was appointed as Director of Photography. The video is set in a warm tone mimicking the days of the summer with overflowing sunlight and gentle breeze and features Media Friesna as the female model. It feels like we are taken to a field full of joy, with no sorrow or sadness in sight. Japs Shadiq, Kubil, and Jacobus can be seen playing the music instruments, while Tika takes the center stage and sings while playing a mini piano. Well, in the end we all want to get closer to people we love and damn these guys look cool in their sunglasses. Check out Indische Party’s video for “Ingin Dekatmu” and listen to their album “ANALOG” here.