Nomu9 BItes & Beverage Introduce New Menu
Chef Suryo demonstrating a live cooking
NOMU 9 Bites & Beverage Introduce 5 New Tasty Fusion Menu

NOMU 9 Bites & Beverage has become a staple destination for café in Malang and they continue to innovate and introduce new menu to their customers. Approximately 5 new items were created and made available to make the dining choice of the customers more varied. Chef Suryo and Chef Akbar from Nomu9 did a live cooking and demonstration of couple new menu and we tasted their creation. The new items are Spiced Ribs with Sambal Ijo, Nasi Kebuli, Curry & Cilantro Butter Rice, Taco Rice Bowl and Beef Slider. Chef Suryo demonstrated the steps to cook his signature Taco Rice Bowl and also explained the ingredients and how he came up with the menu. Taco Rice Bowl is made out of minced beef and various spices like bird’s eye chilli, bell pepper, onion, and taco seasoning which combines the taste of Western and Eastern dish. If usually taco is made out of corn or flour tortilla, Chef Suryo replaced it with fried wonton and it acts as the crackers of the dish. It is served on top of warm rice with fresh diced tomatoes and iceberg lettuce. The dish is spicy and suits the taste bud of Indonesian people who wants to indulge their palates in fusion food.

Nomu9 BItes & Beverage Introduce New Menu
Nasi Kebuli
Nomu9 BItes & Beverage Introduce New Menu
Taco Rice Bowl

While Chef Akbar who was a former contestant of Masterchef Junior Indonesia season 2 cooked up the Beef Slider. It contains sliced tenderloin beef cooked in blackpepper and butter sauce, topped with melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese and crispy onion. Toasted hotdog buns wrapped the beef sliders and french fries and a little salad dressed in balsamic vinegar served on the side. This was so far the best dish on the new menu, and if you’d like to have your blackpepper a little stronger, you could request the spiciness to the chef. We totally recommend you to try the juicy meat and flavorful melted cheese. Nasi Kebuli as you might guess, was inspired by the Middle Eastern dish, but NOMU 9 gave a twist in its condiment. The kebuli rice is served with Sambal Matah and emping melinjo (Melinjo crackers) and somehow, they match well. Spiced Ribs with Sambal Ijo takes on the Indonesian dish that serves tender fried ribs with spicy sambal ijo, with fragrant rice to complete the whole dish.

The last new item, Curry & Cilantro Butter Rice fuse Indonesian and Thailand spices in which you can taste a strong cilantro in the rice served with creamy chicken curry. For those who do not like cilantro aroma, you might want to skip this one. Overall the new menu further proves that NOMU 9 Bites & Beverage stay true to their fusion menu route and we like what we tasted so far. Try them out!

Nomu9 BItes & Beverage Introduce New Menu
Beef Slider
Nomu9 BItes & Beverage Introduce New Menu
Spiced Ribs with Sambal Ijo
Nomu9 BItes & Beverage Introduce New Menu
Curry & CIlantro Butter Rice


Location: Jl. Pandan No.6 Malang

Operational Hour: 15.30 PM – 22.30 PM

Reservation: (0341) 507 – 8286 / +6281232240482

Instagram : @nomu9.malang

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