Gaung Album Soft Launching Gaung Will Hold Album Soft Launching Titled Gaung’s Guide On: A Tranquil Banquet with A Foe

Instrumental rock unit based in Bandung, Gaung have just released their debut album “Opus Contra Naturam” on 18 July 2017. To celebrate the release of their first record, the band under their label Orange Cliff Record in collaboration with Kollektiv Store and Janevala will hold a soft launching event called “Gaung’s Guide On: A Tranquil Banquet with A Foe”. According to the description found on the band’s Bandcamp account, the album translates thoughts and wits into music against the nature of desire, ego, culture, and power, in effort to give a portrait of struggle, devotion of people, love-hate relationship with art and trashy kitsch. Rama Putratantra (gitar, bass, field recorder) and Rendy Pandita (drum) from Gaung will perform together with Logic Lost, Helm Proyek, Deathless, Individual Distortion, and Bin Idris featuring Nurachman Andika from Sigmun. This concert will offer something new as all the music presented will be in DJ set format. So imagine rock music being played in electronic set and Gaung will also collaborate Fachrur Riaz and Tommy Herseta on their live format.

Gaung Album Soft Launching
Gaung – Guide To: A Tranquil Banquet with A Foe

The event will be held on Saturday, 29 July 2017 at Playhouse, Jl. Gudang Selatan No. 22, Bandung. It will commence at 7PM at night. Beforehand, the band have revealed a limited cassette tape filled with two singles titled “Killing with Virtue” and “Global Problem Listening Class”. Gaung’s debut album contains 9 tracks which are intriguing and explosive at the same time. You could listen to their album and purchase “Opus Contra Naturam” below before enjoying their album soft launching party this weekend!

“Opus Contra Naturam” Tracklist :

  1. Lucinae
  2. Eridanur Supervoid
  3. Hole of Paradiso
  4. Killing with Virtue
  5. Old Masters: A Comedy
  6. Summa Injuria
  7. Opus Contra Naturam
  8. Kanon
  9. Evidence of Extraordinary Bliss