CIgarettes Wedding Senantiasa Album
Senantiasa artwork
Pekanbaru’s Post-Rock Act, Cigarettes Wedding Debut with Album “Senantiasa”

The post-rock hype also spreads across Indonesia, proven with the formation of a post-rock/shoegaze unit from Pekanbaru named Cigarettes Wedding in 2011. El Kautsar Nazer (vocal), Tengku M Fadli (bass, backing vocal), Rachmat Harahap (guitar, keyboard), Arri J Pratama (guitar,keyboard) and Adeltra S Nugraha (drum) have launched their debut album on 17 July 2017 titled “Senantiasa” independently. Prior to the release of this album, Cigarettes Wedding have revealed a single in 2016 called “1989”, not to be mistaken with Taylor Swift’s album, this song is a light post-rock song with a little touch of shoegaze on its instrumental. The album itself took five years in the making, starting from June 2012 up to May 2017 and it was recorded in two different studios. Those are Rizon Studio at Pekanbaru and Red Studio at Bandung with the mixing and mastering done by Indra Adhikusuma from Red Studio Bandung. There are 8 tracks in total in this album, including several instrumental tracks.

CIgarettes Wedding Senantiasa Album The album sees Cigarettes Wedding collaborated with some of the top names in music industry. For example, their song “Cerita Langit” featured backing vocal, clap hand, and narration from Ferdian Yuren a.k.a Didi, bassist from Bandung’s post-rock act Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun. While the music video for the song was created by Anggito Rahman, the frontman of Yogyakarta’s alternative group, Sungai. The album cover was done by Jakarta based visual artists, A. Zulkarnaen and Anton Yuniasmono. You could find various topics or notions in this album. Ranging from social issues down to personal experience, which is delivered in Cigarettes Wedding’s style of music. Here is the full tracklist of the album and you can purchase it through their Instagram account here.

“Senantiasa” Tracklist : 
  1. First Paragraph
  2. Jerat Hilang
  3. 1989
  4. Cerita Langit
  5. Tissue Of Quotations
  6. Ufuk Barat
  7. Senja Tinggi
  8. Senantiasa