Atlesta Gestures Album
Gestures artwork
Atlesta Officially Launches “Gestures” Album

After giving us three singles, finally the electro pop singer, Atlesta launches his third album “Gestures” on 17 July 2017. The album contains 13 tracks in total including “Shovia”, “Recalling” and “Pure Fantasy”. The album was released via Pops You Good record label in both physical and digital edition. The physical one has regular and deluxe version which you can purchase through Atlesta’s website. The album is claimed to be the most ambitious, fully challenging and rich with cinematic feels from the soloist. “This is the most complex album for me. The process took pretty long time and it costed a lot,” confesses Fifan Christa, the man behind Atlesta. Spending a lot of time at the recording studio, Fifan thought a lot about the concept and breakthrough that he wants to achieve with this album. The materials have been collected since 2015, and he started to record them in 2016 in several recording studios. In total, three studios are listed as the place of the recording for “Gestures” which are Delicore Studio (Yogjakarta), ALS Studio (Jakarta), and ETC Studio (Malang). The mixing was done by Wendy Arintyo at ALS Studio and the mastering was done by Steve Corrao at SAGE Studio, Nashville, US.

Atlesta Gestures Album
Fifan Christa

From the initial 18 songs, Atlesta and the management team narrowed it down to the 13 tracks that are included in the album. The album was influenced heavily by Fifan’s recent hobby to watch indie-cult movies and he said that he was inspired by Thomas Newman and Hans Zimmer who do a lot of music scoring for movies. In the latest record, the musician bring the ambient pop vibes with the influence of nu-disco, dream pop, darkwave, soul, R&B and 70’s electronic music. Fatboy Slim, Depeche Mode, Gorillaz and Kendrick Lamar becomes the musical inspiration for this album as said by the man himself through a press release we received. You can enjoy easy listening songs like “Finalé”, “Twin Cities”, or “Golden Essence” that are offered there. The team behind Atlesta also plan several activities including art exhibition to response 13 tracks on this album in the future. With the seemingly hectic schedule until the end of the year, Atlesta is set to be very active in the music scene and we’ll be seeing a lot of him throughout 2017! “Gestures” is available at digital outlets like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and many more. Take a listen below.