UWRF 2017 Announce First Round of Artist, Authors and Activists
UWRF 2016 Special Event: Literary Jalan-Jalan. Moksa
Credit: Xenia Blair
UWRF 2017 Announce First Round of Artists, Authors & Activists

Ubud, Bali will host another astounding event called Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2017 (UWRF 2017). The five-day program has announced its first round of artists, authors and activists who will participate in the discussion programs, literary lunches and powerful performances from 25 – 29 October 2017. As this year’s theme has been set as “Origin” or “Sangakan Paraning Dumadi”, they are ready to welcome 150 speakers from 30 countries to speak out and immerse their thoughts through the theme’s lens. The theme boldly challenge the participants and the speakers to get into a contemplative mode and think about the biggest picture in this world full of political unrest and social dynamics. “Origin” want us to think about our roots, about where it all begins and what shaped us until it becomes the world we know today. Simply put, we have to untangle the thread to put all the things back on their places.

UWRF 2017 Announce First Round of Artist, Authors and Activists
UWRF 2016 Workshop: Visual Storytelling
Credit: Greg Saunders

UWRF 2017 has announced 16 artists and authors from across Indonesia and abroad. Ian Rankin, the author who write criminal fictions like “Knots and Crosses”, “Rebus” and many more comes a long way from Scotland to attend the festival. Other names including Madeleine Thien, whose work on diasporic history received worldwide acclaim is also present. Saroo Brierly, whose autobiography novel “A Long Way Home” was adapted into award winning movie “Lion” will once again visit Indonesia for this festival as he experienced the issue about identity while he was growing up. Marina Mahathir will lead the discussion regarding socio-political as she is an activist and writer from Malaysia who inspires others to break away from the society’s oppression. Tim Flannery will lead the discussion regarding environment, while Fuchsia Dunlop will emphasize on the importance of cultural preservation through food. Nusrat Durrani as the founder of MTV World and pop culture visionary will be there alongside essayist Robert Dessaix, award winning memoirist Kate Holden, and filmmaker Erik Est.

UWRF 2017 Announce First Round of Artist, Authors and Activists
UWRF 2016 Closing Party
Credit: Wirasathya Darmaja

Indonesia as the host will present their finest talents in literary including an appearance from journalist Leila S. Chudori, author Seno Gumira Ajidarma, puppet theater group from Yogyakarta, Papermoon, and choreographer Eko Supriyanto. The latest two names will perform on the scheduled programs during UWRF 2017. Balinese author, Oka Rusmini has also confirmed her attendance. Last, but not least Ahmad Fuadi, the author behind “The Land of 5 Towers” (5 Menara) will appear as the speaker as well as participating at the new program called “Emerging Voices”. As one of the program from UWRF 2017, Tim Flannery and Kate Holden will sail to Komodo Island in a literary cruise. There, the participants will be taken to a journey to sail across UNESCO World Heritage-listed Coral Triangle, snorkle in one of the most biodiverse marine ecosystem and meet the pre-historic Komodo dragons. The presale ticket has now been sold through their website with IDR480,000 for Indonesian citizens. Are you ready to have one of the most engaging literary experience in one of the most beautiful landscape in Bali? Then grab your chance to enroll yourself in this festival held by Yayasan Mudra Swari Saraswati.