KEUKEN 8 Bandung Food FestivalOne-Day Culinary Festival, KEUKEN 8 Returns to Bandung!

KEUKEN 8, a one day culinary festival is going to happen soon in Bandung and House The House as the organizer, focus on the very concept socio-environment regeneration strategy to formulate a series programs, events, and physical activities. Keuken is taken from Netherland language mean “kitchen”. It’s a one day cooking event which features a spreading on utilization of city public spaces issue, packaged in a street festival way which everyone could join. Last year, we could see the activities of KEUKEN which was centered around Cikapundung with the campaign of Reclaim The Street by eating there. This year the venue will be located at Arcamanik Driving Range. This festival is created annually and host tenants from local area tailored to suit each year’s theme. What’s special about KEUKEN is the event utilizes public space around Bandung. to encourage people to gather outside and eat festive food in an open area.

The food festival gather up many diverse layers of people to celebrate their own public spaces in open streets, in a curated food festival. There is also educating and entertaining features, which hopefully attract every existing layers of city actors, we are glad to inspire everyone in spreading our messages and issues of winning spaces and festive eating. KEUKEN 8 has gathered up many cook and chefs and some of the artists to contributing in revitalization of the public space then revive the joy and the celebration on it. Note down that the event will happen on 6 August 2017 and it’s free for public. Prepare your best to enjoy various exciting food tenants and programs with families and friends. KEUKEN 8 also open registration for Private Dining in which you could taste menu served by the designated chef that includes starter, main course and dessert for IDR350,000. Follow their Instagram for the latest update about the event.