Close Me Closet Hilang Arah SingleClose Me Closet Collaborate with Ferdinand Sharon for “Hilang Arah”

Close Me Closet is a post hardcore group hailing from Jakarta and recently the band has released a single called “Hilang Arah”. Last year, the band that is comprised of Ocki Syamsul Arifin (vocal), Angga Azdie Sastia (guitar), Egie Septio Hadi (guitar/vocal), Arul Rizky (bass), and Aditheo Ockta (drum) revealed an album called “Labyrinth”. Prior to this album, the band has already introduced “Hilang Arah” to the listeners. The song has an emo feel to it and that is why they asked Ferdinand Sharon to collaborate with them. The old version of the song does not have Ferdinand who is also the new vocalist from band Sweet As Revenge. “We asked Dinand because he is more experienced in emo song especially with Indonesian lyrics,” said Close Me Closet.

The band who won “Demos Distortion” from Hai Magazine back in 2013 have unveiled three music videos from their “Labyrinth” album including the old version of “Hilang Arah”, “For Anything We Want” and “Look At Me”. The new version is revealed as a standalone single from the album. The band is also reported to reveal their third single from their latest album in near future. Their record was produced by Crooz Records and their first album is titled “New Life, New Hope, New Experience”. Listen to their collaboration with Ferdinand Sharoon on the single “Hilang Arah” below.