RUCI Artspace I Too Am Untranslatable ExhibitionRUCI Artspace Hold “I Too Am Untranslatable” Group Exhibition for The First Time

RUCI Artspace is holding a group exhibition for the first time titled “I Too Am Untranslatable”. The exhibition features four artists across Indonesia and they are Deden Durahman (Bandung), Jabbar Muhammad (Bandung), Kelvin Atmadibrata (Jakarta) dan Theresa Agustina Situmpol (Yogyakarta). As the curator, Roy Voragen explained about the background of these four artist who have different fields of expertise. Each of them dwell on the practice of photography, performance art, painting and installation. Albeit using various kind of medium to express themselves, all of them are considered to be in the same platform.

RUCI Artspace I Too Am Untranslatable Exhibition
Roy Voragen, the curator of “I Too Am Untranslatable” exhibition

With the theme “I Too Am Untranslatable”, these four artists explore the boundaries and potentials of their own bodies according to their interpretation and understanding. Starting from the body that belongs to themselves, and then other bodies which are expressed in their own piece of work. For example Theresa, who chronicles about the stages of breast growth, since the young age until it reaches a fully grown phase. On another work done by Kelvin titled “Benched”, we could see a guy wearing a red hoodie who sits on a bench next to a birthday cake.

RUCI Artspace I Too Am Untranslatable Exhibition
“Benched” by Kelvin Atmadibrata

All of the works show sensibility and artistic representation from the artists regarding bodies. This marks the first time that RUCI Artspace hosts a group showcase as they usually held solo exhibition from other artists. Melin Merril as the director of RUCI Artspace stated that albeit being the first time, this exhibition does not run on an impulsive mind. The plan has been thought and arranged well from long time ago. It is just now that they have the chance to exhibit it to the public. The exhibition will be opened for public from Sunday, 14 July 2017 and it will run until 13 August 2017 at Ruci Artspace, Jl. Suryo No.29 South Jakarta. Make sure you visit this exciting exhibition!

RUCI Artspace I Too Am Untranslatable Exhibition
Jabbar Muhammad with Roy Voragen

Writer: Narisha Zulkarnain/Editor: Novita Widia