The Talkboy Single
Pieces album artwork
Listen To These Optimistic Tunes from The Talkboy, A New Act from Fallyears Records

After revealing the solo project from Beeswax’s frontman, Bagas Yudhiswa and a surf unit, Dizzyhead, an independent record label based in Malang, Fallyears Records introduce you to The Talkboy. The Talkboy is a moniker chosen by no other than Bagas Yudhiswa himself, who ventures in another genre of music different from what he does in Beeswax or his previous effort. On 9 July 2017, two new singles from The Talkboy have been uploaded on Fallyears Records’ Soundcloud. It is said to be a continuation to his debut solo album “Self-Loathe” back in November. Just like we said earlier, not only the music is different than the old one, but the ambience and theme take on a totally different mood. If “Self-Loathe” is a record full of pessimism, self-hatred, and basically disappointment expressed in tunes, then these two new songs titled “No Blue” and “Falling” are rather optimistic.

Listening to both tracks, we strongly believe that the 23-year-old musician was influenced a lot by Mac DeMarco, Beach Fossils and the likes, because heck if it ain’t surf or lo-fi we don’t know what it is. “No Blue” is a fun track that tells about an affectionate and hopeful young man that resides in him. While “Falling” tells about people who take a time off in hope to get better later on. The use of guitar effect and synths in both tracks make us feel dreamy. These newly released tracks will be included in his upcoming album titled “Pieces” in which the artwork was created by Bagas as well. For the meantime, he is on the process of collecting the materials needed for his album. So while we wait, check out “No Blue” and “Falling” below and follow Fallyears Records’ Instagram for more updates regarding their roster.