Atlesta Pure Fantasy SingleAtlesta Take You to Immerse in A “Pure Fantasy”, The Last Single Before “Gestures” Drops

Electro pop crooner, Atlesta once again shares a single off of upcoming album “Gestures” and it is titled “Pure Fantasy”. Unlike the previous two singles “Shovia” and “Recalling” which are dark and mellow, this single is a mid-tempo track which is groovy and makes your head bop unconsciously. The three minute track sees Atlesta return to his usual sensual and sultry vibe and in this one he is not shy to tease our minds to enter a state of “Pure Fantasy”. “There are lots of old school music elements that I inserted in this song. Like R&B, soul, and nu-disco in some parts,” utters Fifan Christa, the man behind Atlesta. As you might guess from the title, the song tells about fantasy and self pleasure in which we manipulate the existing reality through the imagination that we create in our minds. So, simply put, this song is like an escape from the dull real world we’re living in to the joy and happiness we might enjoy in our fantasies. Just like “Recalling”, this track also comes with the accompanying lyrics video that is available on Atlesta’s Youtube channel.

Atlesta Pure Fantasy SingleThe lyrics video was directed by Adinda Yossi and the 3D animation was created by Iqbal Febrian. The whole video was produced by LUZYDUFF Creative Studio that belongs under Pops You Good label. Similar to the creation of previous single, “Pure Fantasy” was also made with the help of Mahatamtama Arya in the guitar department which was recorded at ALS Studio Jakarta. The mixing was done by Wendy Arianto at ALS Studio and the mastering was finished by Steve Corrao from Sage Studio, Nashville, US. You might also listen a layer of female vocal behing Fifan’s voice and it belongs to Intan Ayu Wulansary who recorded the backing vocal part at ETC Studio Malang. With the three singles so far, “Gestures” is shaped to be one of the most anticipated album from this indie act hailing from Malang. You can now pre-order the album on iTunes and later on it will be released as regular and deluxe version in both digital and physical format. Six more days before the album arrives, so at the meantime, listen to “Pure Fantasy” here.