Lizzie Decider Single Music VideoLizzie Finally Reveal New Single and Video for “Decider”

If you look at past updates from FFWD Records, you must have noticed a video teaser from one of their new roster, Lizzie. Now, we get the final taste of Lizzie’s offer with their new single and music video of “Decider”. The rock unit clad in all black outfit and play their music to their hearts’ content over a white backdrop. The concept of the music video which is set in black and white tone was meant to showcase Lizzie’s fearsome aura. With the fast moving camera angle and lighting style, it adds more fierce nuance to the already rocking music. We could see the members of Lizzie tossing their hair, doing headbang and what other rockers do in this video. It was shot in a studio and took relatively short time to wrap up shooting. “The process didn’t take too long. The video take was only 10 hours. It took longer in the process of making the concept and brainstorming. How to convey a simple concept but leave a lasting impression to those who watch. There were many obstacles but it was no big deal because we were helped by a very cooperative team,” told Izma, Lizzie’s vocalist about the process of making the video.

The single “Decider” is set to be included in Lizzie’s upcoming EP called “Outermost”. Izma also explains about this single and EP, “Decider is a symbol, a symbol of power supremacy of the dominant. But there is also a resistance to rebel. The rebels appear on the outermost part of society. Without support, without power, but still persist to go against the dominant because the core of society is sometimes put aside until it reaches the outermost part. This is why “Decider” is chosen because it it the most suitable song that becomes a beginning of every story from our upcoming EP, ‘Outermost'”.
Watch the music video from Lizzie with “Decider” through FFWD Records Youtube account below.