Illona And The Soul Project Di Antara Pilu Music VideoIllona and The Soul Project Roam Around Malioboro Street for “Di Antara Pilu” Music Video

Who doesn’t know about Yogyakarta’s most famous landmark, Malioboro street? Either you live in a cave or simply do not have tv, radio, or internet connection, Illona and The Soul Project use this prominent tourist spot as their background setting for “Di Antara Pilu” music video. Using live audio recording format, Illona ATSP tackle the challenge of recording their song in a crowded place. The pop unit from Yogyakarta work together with Seruni Audio, Dawai Production and Threeways Studio to re-release their single for both music video and new audio format. You must be wondering how hard it was to record a sharp and clear sound in an outdoor space compared to a recording studio. The answer laid on the preparation stage. If most of the devices are already prepared on the recording room, this time they take the recording devices outside and had to carefully place them closely to the instruments. The challenge to re-arrange their song becomes an interesting subject as stated by Illona ATSP’s keyboardist, Anin.

“With this kind of collaboration, Seruni Audio want to ask Jogja’s youth or beyond who dare to create and come out of their comfort zones, so they can produce extraordinary works,” said Cucu from Seruni Audio who initiated the project. They went all the way to complete this task by choosing three of the most crowded spot along Malioboro street which are parking lot Abu Bakar Ali, the middle of Malioboro street itself and Fort Vredeburg Museum. The collective collaboration project further states Yogyakarta as a region filled with talented and passionate artists and communities. The new format of “Di Antara Pilu” by Illona ATSP is hoped to inspire the rest of the lot to create and accompany them in times of sorrow. Performing upon the crowded street made the band look like street musicians, and all of the fun could be watched on their Youtube channel below.